Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Humble Games Hall-Of-Fame: Suzy The Home-Wrecker

Of course, not everyone on the Humble Games is a loser. It wouldn’t be much of a competition if there weren’t any winners—like 2008’s lucky winner, Susan Salazar—or, as she was known to the residents of the upscale Miami Beach neighborhood where she lived and worked, Suzy Homewrecker.
     Suzy, a pharmaceutical sales rep, was never able to resist a man with a wedding band—and more importantly, they couldn’t resist her, which she’d never been afraid to use to her advantage. This siren of the Atlantic coast got her start in high school, seducing hapless teachers, then blackmailing them for passing grades—a trait she’s happily carried along into the business world.
     Using sex to get ahead is bad enough—but this little minx betrayed almost every woman in her life by sleeping with their boyfriends, fiancées, or husbands. How bad was it? Susan got her Humble Games recommendation from her own sister.
     The competition was long and hard, but when the diapers had settled, Suzy had emerged, Queen of the mountain—the ultimate prize—a wish that could literally change her life, was now hers.
     “I’m just tired of everyone treating me like a joke because I’m beautiful,” she said in her vacant, spokes model voice. “I just want the people in my life to treat me with the respect I deserve!”
     “Your wish is my command,” I told her.
     And in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

     She felt the sunlight first… that hot Miami sun on her face, all nice and warm. Her eyes fluttered open—she was looking out the window of a lavish penthouse—the city below her stretched out, shimmering in the afternoon sun; Susan smiled lazily—warm and relaxed and contented with the world and her place in it.
     She realized with a subtle start that she was almost naked, the sunlight delightfully warm on her tummy, chest, and her succulent bare breasts. She closed her eyes and sighed, smiling—she wanted this moment to last forever…
     She felt a gurgle in her belly—a tiny cramp grew into a bloated, gassy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She touched her abdomen and rubbed it softly, trying to sooth her discomfort. But the burbling distress in her tummy just built and built, the pressure in her backside growing until…
     She blushed, hearing herself pass gas loudly, even though her rump was clenched as tightly as it could go. She gave an involuntary grunt, a massive, sustained cramp surging through her bowels  and forcing her to bend at the knees. And then, quickly as it had begun, it was over.
     Suzy sighed and grinned, thankful the painful cramps were subsiding. Everything was getting back to normal, she thought contentedly. The stench that had enveloped the room was god awful, but her relief was well worth it.
     She was contemplating whether or not she should take a nap when she realized she felt something behind—something warm and moist and just a little heavy. She wriggled her rump, heart sinking when her fears were confirmed—she defiantly had something back there.
     Hesitantly, Suzy peeked pack over her shoulder—sure enough, she was greeted by the sight of an exceedingly embarrassing lump in the seat of her panties with a corresponding messy stain on the seat.
     She jumped, a sound emerging from behind her—footsteps, coming her way! Her heart leapt, she looked around frantically for some place to hide, or at least something to wear. But there was nothing, and she was left slack jawed, gaping stupidly in nothing but a pair of bulging, stained panties that she’d obviously pooped in, when her sister came barging in.
     “What was that noise?” Janice demanded, “And what’s that smell?” she asked suspiciously, like she already knew the answer.
     Suzy gasped, spinning to face Janice in order to hide her poopy panties. The ruse was ridiculous, she knew—the smell would give her away sooner or later—she had to get rid of Janice!
     “N-n-n-nothing, Janice,” she said meekly. Her whole life, the sexy and glamorous Suzy had lorded over and ran roughshod over her plain-Jane sister. Now, she felt intimidated by her in a way Suzy was sure had more to it than the fact that she was standing there with a load in her pants than anything else.
     “Doesn’t smell like nothing to me,” she said, quickly crossing the room until she stood in front of her, hands on hips. “Did you fart?”
     “None of your business, Janice!” Suzy whined. She started to back away, but Janice’s hand shot out and wrapped around her wrist, holding her in place.
     “Don’t get snippy with me young lady!” Janice said firmly. “Do I have to spank you again?”
      Suzy squinted, confused—Janice had never spanked her in her life—so why did she now have memories of numerous painful and embarrassing spankings over her younger sister’s knee? She remembered her wish, about “the respect she deserved,” with a chill—what had The Master done?
     “Turn around little girl, and let me see that bum of yours!” Janice demanded. Tugging her wrist painfully, she suddenly spun her sister around. Suzy could only squeal in protest, desperate to protect her shameful secret—but there was no way she could keep from being exposed now!

      She heard Janice gasp behind her. “I knew it!” she scolded, giving Suzy a swat on the thigh, “You did poop your pants, you little brat!”
     Suzy began to snivel: “it was an accident—ow!” she cried, her protests cut off by another sharp slap to the thigh.
     “God, Suzy, when are you going to grow up?! Look at you—you’re a full grown woman now! Are you ever going to stop messing your pants like a baby?”
     Suzy sobbed, her memories now full of such incidents… she could now remember numerous occasions where she’s wet or messed herself over the years that she swore she’d never lived.
     “What’s going on in here?”
     Suzy groaned—just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, her mother, Violet, entered, trailed by Janice’s handsome husband, Paul. Before she’d won the Humble Games, they’d had an on and off affair since shortly after his and Janice’s Honeymoon ended. Now, most of her memories were of him standing by and laughing as Janice and/or her mother spanked her or changed her diapers—occasionally, he even helped them out.
     “Oh, nothing mom,” said Janice, her voice dripping with sarcasm, “Your eldest daughter just shit her pants—again.”
     “Oh, Susan,” her mother said, exasperated. “I thought we were finally getting this problem under control.”
      “Well, I hate to say I told you so,” Janice said, relishing every moment of it, “but I did tell you she wasn’t ready for big girl panties yet.”
     “I’m afraid I have to agree with you,” said their mother, pinching her nose closed as she reached over and took Suzy by the arm. “Let’s go young lady,” she said firmly, pulling Suzy along behind her roughly. “Time to get you cleaned up!”
     Suzy protested and resisted, but the two women just dragged her all the way to the bathroom, occasionally swatting her thigh for emphasis.
     Once inside, they forced her to bend over the counter while they had a look at her panties.
     “Well, THOSE have had it,” Janice said smugly.
     “Oh Suzy,” said Violet , voice dripping with disappointment, “why couldn’t you just go to the toilet, sweetie? I just bought those panties for you!”
     “Mommy,” Suzy pleaded through her sobs, “I don’t know what happened—I thought I just had to fart…”
     Janice giggled. “Well, I think it’s safe to say that you miscalculated.” Reaching out, she took the waistband of the panties and began to pull them down. Suzy gasped and blushed, forcing herself to stand still. Though this was the first time this had ever happened to her, she could remember the consequences of disobedience—the exact same humiliating clean up, followed by a brisk spanking.
     The panties were tugged down to her knees; Suzy sobbed and shivered as her chubby bare bottom came into view, a mucky brown smear matching roughly the size and shape of the stain on the seat of her underwear. She looked up to see her mother and Janice approaching with baby wipes and toilet paper in their hands, Janice grinning sadistically, reveling in Suzy’s embarrassment.
     “Stick your butt out, baby,” Janice demanded. The sobbing Suzy complied automatically. With tears falling down her face, she stood there helplessly as Violet  and younger sister went to work cleaning her poopy rear-end, wiping her butt for her like a baby, remembering numerous times she been in exactly the same position, even though she was sure this was the first. Her heart raced and she cried even harder, remember the difficulty she’d had potty training; the fact that she’d worn diapers most of her life; the fact that she still had frequent wet and messy accidents, especially at night; she remembered changes and diaper rashes well into the high school, and the embarrassment she’d caused her younger sister—and herself.
     But that wasn’t the scary part—the scary part was how clear those memories were becoming—and how dim her memories of her life before The Humble Games were getting. She was forgetting her old life—at this rate, soon all she would remember was being a big overgrown baby! She squirmed in place, frantically trying to think of some solution—but who could she tell now? Even if there was any possibility anyone believed the story, there was no way they would believe a big diaper wearing baby like her! Suzy burst into tears at the thought.
     Janice slapped her now mostly clean rump firmly. “Quit your caterwauling! WE’RE the ones down her wiping your dirty butt for you!”
     They ran a warm bath with lots of bubbles and helped Suzy in, scrubbing her down with an assortment of soaps and oils. Suzy pouted—when she’d dreamed of being pampered, she hadn’t meant literally! They scrubbed her down good, paying special attention to her rounded rump. Suzy could only sit, stewing and seething, her new life coming into sharp focus as her old one faded.
     After they’d finally decided she’d had enough, Janice and her mother helped Suzy out of the bath and dried her off. They dragged her naked, down the hall and through the living room. Suzy screeched at the sight of Paul, but he didn’t even look up to check her out. And who could blame him—who wants to sleep with an incontinent little baby? She thought to herself with a self-pitying sob.
     Into her mother’s bedroom they lead her. Laying a towel down on the bed, they ordered her down on her back. “Guys, this has gone far enough…” she protested, squealing as Janice landed a hard spank to her naked butt.
     “Really?!” Janice said, outraged, landing another swat to Suzy’s jiggling rump. “Because I think I just wiped your dirty ass for you Suzy, so I think you’re going to do whatever I tell you because I’ll tell you right now, missy: you’re going into diapers, right now, with or without a red bottom. So what’s it going to be, Suzy? Make it fast; if you make a mess on the floor I’m going to spank regardless.”
     With tears streaming down her face, Suzy climbed up onto the bed so she could lay, naked and exposed, before the determined Violet and her sneering sister. “Good thing I never threw her diapers away,” said her mother with a resigned sigh.
     Suzy tried one last desperate plea: “Please don’t! I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll be more careful…”
     But she was cut-off by an adult sized pacifier being shoved into her mouth.  Now all Suzy could do was lay back and sob. Her new memories—memories of spankings, diapers, and messy panties—were becoming clearer each second—but her old memories hadn’t quite faded away. They still hung there, like half remembered dreams—another life, where she was sexy and desires, where she wrapped men like Paul around her little finger. A life where she could control her bowels, for God’s sake!
     “I’ll go get some powder,” their mother remarked, leaving the two sisters alone in the bedroom.
     “Are you listening, little sister?” Janice sneered, taking a spot next to her on the bet. Suzy pouted and sucked her soother. Janice laughed. “I still remember. You know what I mean?”
     Suzy’s expression confirmed that she did. Janice laughed. “When you were Little Miss All That? Shaking your little butt all around town, hooking in every guy you could get your hands on? Even your own sister’s husband!”
   Suzy tried to apologize, but was thwarted by the pacifier in her mouth.  Janice smiled coldly. “Oh yes, sweetheart—I remember everything. Who do you think nominated you for the Humble Games?”
     Suzy gave her sister a shocked look.  “And now here you are. The master assured me that you and I are the only ones who remember your other life. And in this world?” Janice laughed. “You’ve probably spent less than two years out of diapers in your entire life! So obviously, seducing a man—single, married, or otherwise—has been quite impossible for you.”
     Suzy began squealing her displeasure—bawling really, thrashing naked on the bed and wailing as best she could around the big pacifier.  Janice grabbed her by the ankles, bent them back toward her head, and silenced her with a swift spank on her plump womanly fanny.
     “Hush, you little brat!” she scolded, delivering about 10 stinging swats to each jiggling buttock. Suzy bit her lip and forced herself silent, not wanting to antagonize Janice any further.
     She stopped her spanking just moments before Violet returned, apparently unaware of the commotion. “Ok, I got the powder—let’s get this cute little bottom in a diaper before she makes another mess,” she said sweetly, patting Suzy’s belly. She’s gotten over her earlier disappointment, and seemed to be almost looking forward to diapering her adult daughter.
       Poor Suzy could only lie passively on the towel as Janice once more took her ankles and hoisted her legs into the air to expose her well rounded bottom. Suzy squirmed as a diaper was slid beneath her rump. Giggling, her mother rained powder down on her tushy, then patted it into her buns firmly. Suzy worked her pacifier in her mouth nervously, tears still running down her cheeks.
     Janice lowered her rump to the thirsty seat of her diaper. Violet pulled it up tightly between her legs and strapped it on—Suzy looked down at herself in horror, the tight, white diaper clinging to her like grim death. Its thick padding forced her legs apart, and it felt like someone had strapped a pillow to her ass. She looked monumentally stupid, of course. Janice stood by smirking as Violet patted her on the head, now fully into playing the doting mother. “Aw, that’s better isn’t it honey?”
     Suzy reluctantly nodded, even though she didn’t think it was. “She feels much better in her big diaper, doesn’t she?”
     Suzy sighed and nodded. Her mother beamed at her.  “Yes she does! In her big diapers, she doesn’t have to worry about any accidents, does she?”
     “No mommy,” Suzy said softly, cringing with embarrassment. She almost remarked that she was a grown woman and not some big baby, but decided to let it slide with a sigh… after all, she’d look kind of stupid protesting her adult-hood while sitting here in a massive diaper, wouldn’t she?
     “Yeah, Suzy” Janice snarked, “now you can pee and poop yourself all you want!”
     She laughed, then yelped as Violet landed a sting swat to her denim-clad bottom. “You better stop teasing your sister, missy,” the older woman scolded menacingly, “or you’ll be in diapers right next to your sister!”
     Janice gulped, instinctively reaching back to touch her ass. She’d never considered that this new reality might have some downsides for her as well.
     They pulled a tight, white t-shirt over Suzy’s head and pronounced her dressed. Suzy looked down at herself, sobbing—the bulky diaper and tiny white shirt (not even long enough to cover her belly button, she realized with a pout) were a long ways away from the designed outfits she usually wore—or at least, used to, she thought glumly, almost able to remember what it felt like to dress like a woman…
     Janice and their mother brought her out into the living room. Suzy blushed furiously and sucked her pacifier nervously when Paul let out a wolf whistle in her direction. It was all a big joke, of course—who was going to find her attractive now? She allowed herself to be deposited inside the silly playpen in the middle of the living room and sulked.
     “I was just telling Janice how she’d better watch her step or she’s going to wind up like Suzy,” Violet said to Paul with a chuckle.
     “Absolutely,” he said with a smile. “I think it might do her some good.”
     Janice forced a hollow sounding laugh. “Hey, come on guys,” she said anxiously, trying to play it off like a joke. “Stop kidding around.”
     “You better watch your tone, missy,” Paul grinned.
     “You know, I think Suzy’s diapers would fit her perfectly,” Violet laughed, and suddenly Janice was very nervous.
     In her playpen, Suzy listened carefully—if she played her cards right, she might have a playmate someday soon.


  1. Yay that was lots of fun :) Thanks for sharing it :)

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  3. Whatever... that was a stupid wish anyway! When I win, I'm going to be much more careful about what I wish for than this dumb bimbo...

    1. Okay, now I need to hear this. What are you going to wish for, IF you win?

    2. Why, so you can steal my idea? Forget it, that wish is as good as mine!

    3. Surely, if you're so confident that you'll win, telling me won't matter, becauase you'll be the one with the wish at the end anyway? Or maybe there's some seeds of doubt scattered in the garden of your mind?

  4. Very nice, but let us please get back to the game show!

  5. I think this is my most favorite episode so far. I hope we see more of Suzy and Janice in the future.