Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Before And After 2

Name: Cindy Lou Holbert

Occupation: Fashion Model

Birth Date: Jun. 14 1986

Birth Place: Miami, Florida, USA

Nominated For: Aggravated bitchiness and habitual disregard for the feelings of others

People often ask me "who was the worst contestant you've ever had on the Humble Games?" Well folks, truth is, it's not quite that easy-- it really depends on how one defines 'worst.' Does worst mean 'most deserving of an attitude adjustment'? 'Most juvenile behavior'? 'Foulest mouth'? There are far too many factors to consider.

But ask me "who was the rudest contestant you ever had on the Humble Games?" and I'd answer without hesitation: Ms. Cindy Lee Haleron of Miami Florida, of course.

She scorned her family, mistreated her friends, and heaped screaming abuse on her long-suffering aids. More then that, she treated every person she encountered with distain, as though they were dirt beneath her feet. Her natural arrogance made her think she couldn't lose the Humble Games... her natural bitchiness cost her, as she was voted out by her fellow contestants.

"Cindy!" Her mother scolded, slapping her hand away from the waistband of her too-tight plastic panties, "I thought I told you to stop pulling on those!"

Cindy pulled her hand back sharply and forced herself to stand still and allow her mother to tug the plastic pants back into place over her big bulky diaper. The stiff plastic chaffed uncomfortably at her middle, and the leg bands bit sharply at the skin where her thighs met her rump, but her pleas, muffled by her pacifier, went unheeded-- her mother was simply too busy making sure the panties were straight over her pampers, then set about straightening her bonnet.

"Mom-mmeeeee!" she pretested, "I don't wanna wear these stupid things!"

"Cindy Lou Holbert, you hush up and stand still or I'll put you over my knee and spank your little bottom," the older woman warned sternly, giving her a tiny smack on the thigh. Cindy exhaled angrily and forced herself to stand still as her mother finished straightening her outfit before helping her into the delicate silk baby booties. Cindy pouted and fumed, but ultimately went along quietly, thoroughly cowed by the threat of a spanking. "There!" her mother beamed proudly, handing her a stuffed rabbit. "Are you ready to show off your pretty new outfit to Mommy's friends, sweetie?" Not waiting for an answer, she took Cindy's hand and began dragging her toward the living room.

"Mommy," Cindy begged. digging her heels in, "please don't let them see me like this!"

"Hush!" Her mother replied, swatting her pampered bottom. "I just know you're going to be the belle of the ball!"

And Cindy burst into tears as she was dragged toward her last fashion show.

Naughty Maid
Name: Sophie Marceau

Occupation: Maid

Birth Date: Feb. 19 1989

Birth Place: Paris, France

Nominated For: Theft, attempting to take advantage of the Master's generous nature

It takes a lot of hard work from a lot of dedicated people to make the games run as smoothly as they do. I know I owe my employees a bigger debt than I can repay (even with a generous salary and full benefits); they make me look better than I really am.

But, as every boss knows, not every worker works out the way we hope when we hire them. When I hired Sophie onto my staff a few years ago, she seemed like a go-getter who would be a valuable asset to the organization. But within just a few weeks, it became I was dealing with a lazy, spoiled, indolent little girl. Things began going missing from around the house. Worse, the little brat was constantly teasing the contestants, mocking their helplessness and lording her sexy maturity over them, as they were forced to stew in their diapers and watch her sullenly through the bars of their cribs and playpens. I knew I couldn't let this stand... Imagine Sophie's shock when she found herself selected for the next round of the games.

 "Hold still, darling," Nurse Lilly said kindly, drawing Sophie across her lap. The young woman sucked her pacifier nervously, settling in across Lilly's lap on her tummy. She shivered when Lilly began to rub and squeeze her tushy through the soft flannel of her PJ's and the thick plastic of her diaper underneath. Sophie knew what was coming-- she would do anything to avoid it. However, she'd learned that any resistance of any kind was going to be met with another swift spanking, and despite Nurse Lilly's soft demeanor, Sophie had learned the hard way that her nurse was an expert on roasting vulnerable bare bottoms.

She sucked in a shaky breath, feeling Nurse Lilly unzip her butt-flap and pull it down, shivering as her thickly diapered tushy came into view. The tapes were undone and pealed back slowly to reveal the velvety heart of Sophie's plump, pink derriere. Smiling warmly, Lilly patted the girl's bottom and began shaking the thermometer down. "Think warm thought, my little lamb," she said, bringing the tip closer and closer to Sophie's adorable, crinkled anus, "because this is going to be quite cold."

That was an understatement; behind her soother, Sophie squealed and tried to remain still as the cold, greasy tip penetrated her opening and was guided slowly into place. Sophie sucked in deep breaths, trying to slow her heart against the hot embarrassment that was radiating out from her tushy, rolling over her body in waves. Nurse Lilly held the thermometer firmly in place, her warm hand cupping Sophie's bottom sensually. Sophie blushed-- in spite of herself, she was growing aroused again. She hoped Nursey wouldn't notice her rubbing her thighs together. 

She was rocking back and forth gently, trying to fight the urge to begin out-and-out humping Nurse Lilly's leg, when the thermometer was abruptly withdrawn, bringing a squeal out of Sophie. She heaved for breath and rested her forehead on the couch cushion as she waited for Nurse Lilly to examine the thermometer. "Still 98.6 on the nose," she said sweetly, drawing the diaper back into place on Sophie's squirming backside before taping it back up. "I think baby is wonderfully healthy," she said, bending down to kiss her sweetly on the cheek. "But I still think we need to check again before bedtime... Nursey wants to be sure that baby is healthy and happy." Sophie groaned, dreading (but secretly thrilled by) the prospect of a third temperature taking in one day.

Name: Honey "Bunny" Jacobs

Occupation: Stripper

Birth Date: Oct. 7 1990

Birth Place: Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Nominated For: First degree teasing, aggravated gold-digging

As the headliner for notorious LA Gentleman's Club Boners, it was Honey Bunny Jacobs' job to hook the patrons in and keep their attention, and she did it with the precision of Oppenheimer splitting the atom. One glimpse of Honey's Buns in a pair of hot-pants was enough to suck a weeks pay out of some guys in five minutes. Most men who met Honey would give, do, or say anything just for a whiff of her perfume-- much to the chagrin of some very pissed-off wives and girlfriends, who were only too happy to sign her up for our little contest.

She proved a little more popular with our voters, making it all the way to the final round before finally losing to Kaitlin Lane-Pryce in the finals (see details of that case here.) Honey was sent home... unfortunately, not in any condition to resume her position at Boners...

PlasticNappy.com (photomanip by unknown)
 "Oh nanny!" Honey cried, reaching down to rub her cramping belly, her bowels twisting and boiling inside her, "I gotta go potty!" She shifted and squirmed in place, the diaper crinkling noisily beneath her. Hunching over and pressing her thighs as tightly as the thick padding between them would allow, she reached back and jammed her hand up against her butt-crack.

"Alright dear, just hold on!" Nanny said encouragingly, taking her by the hand and leading her to the toilet. Honey was trying so hard with her toilet training, but it was so difficult for the poor girl; Nanny wasn't sure if she'd ever be fully trained.

Honey baby-stepped her way to the bathroom, Nanny leading the way and cheering her on. Gone were her tight, sexy outfits designed to flaunt her hot body. Skirts, and especially pants of any type were specifically forbidden, deemed to disruptive to the potty training process. So most days Honey sat around in nothing but her diaper, waiting for the urge to strike so she could try again.

A cramp surged through her-- Honey exploded into her diaper with a noisy blurp. A small gush squeezed out from between her buns, but she was able to clamp it off. She knew she'd just had a little accident in  her diaper, but it was nothing compared to what was still inside her, straining to get out. She could still make it!

She baby-stepped her way toward the big-girl potty, determined not to humiliate herself this time. There was another noisy blurp from her diaper, another thick squirt into her seat. "Oh my," Nanny commented, crinkling her nose as Honey blushed, feeling her diaper getting full. Every step was matched by a loud farting sound, more and more warm, gooey poop mushing out of her and settling into the already bulging seat of her diaper. She'd almost reached her goal, the toilet mere feet in front of her.

But Honey had used up all of her resistance. She gasped, feeling her sphincter give out with a noisy fart. She gasped, a massive, sloppy, uncontrollable mudslide oozing nosily into the seat of her diaper. "Oh dear," Nanny said, watching Honey's diaper bulge and expand with every fart and squish.

Finally finished, the tearful Honey stood sobbing in her massively loaded pamper, just feet away from the big girl toilet. The diaper was truly filled to capacity, the gooey load even starting to seep out of the leg-bands of the diaper and into the crinkly plastic pants she wore over them. Nanny reached down and pulled out the waistband, peeking in, sighing at what she saw-- Honey had once again used up the entire diaper with one big BM, and she hadn't even had lunch yet! She began helping the young woman out of her dirty diaper, noticing that her entire backside was smeared, and her butt-crack was caked full of thick brown mush. Taking a deep breath, Nanny picked up a cloth and began Honey Bunny's clean up.


  1. I think Sophie got off a little light. Thievery should garner a harsher punishment. I do so love you posting tales of past contestants, it really is a wonderful treat for us while awaiting the next episodes. Bravo Sir! This is just what the doctor ordered.

  2. I wonder why Bunny didn't make it to the potty.
    Maybe the Master worked some magic on her, so she coudn't make it to the potty in time. Not for pee, not for poop.
    MAybe she will try to go in the backyard after a while, but that only would lead to a harsh punishment by her nanny and mommy...

  3. Always enjoy seeing the past contestants and their duly deserved punishments. Enjoyed all three, though Sophie perhaps got lucky, the way her past turned on Cindy and the near taunting of Bunny by her luck.

  4. I just realized in the last one of these how come the one he gave the mind of a toddler not the size of toddler?