Friday, 21 November 2014

The Humble Games-- Season Two, Episode One (Part One)

It probably goes without saying, but there were some problems behind the scenes of the Humble Games-- simply put, one of our players had to bail and kind of left us in the lurch. I tried to keep it together, but I guess by this point it's pretty obvious that it's done. I might recast the abandoned role some time, but as of now it seems dead.

     But there’s good news too: Season two of the Humble Games begins today. This is a streamlined version of the competition where single players compete in customized challenges—and in this version, The Master comes to you. Huge thanks to the amazing Rachel for volunteering to be my guinea pig and allowing me to use her likeness in creating this story-- I hope you enjoy it, Rachel!

     Again, I'm sorry season one sputtered out like that and I know that some of you will be disappointed, but I hope this makes up for it.
Part One
The alarm screeched, and Rachel awoke with a groan. Sunlight stabbed through the openings in the curtains, slashing a burning line across her face. She emitted another groan and rolled over, desperate to get out of the cursed light, shuddering at the thought of another day pounding the pavement for a job, but she knew she couldn’t hide from it forever—her savings were rapidly dwindling, and the prospect of throwing in the towel and going home empty handed was beginning to look more likely with every passing day.
     So, with a groan, she hauled herself out of bed and padded toward the bathroom in her PJ’s. She climbed into the shower and let the warm water energize her… but she was still nauseous at the thought of another day pouring through the trades, fruitlessly seeking the job that was right for her.
     It wasn’t like there was nothing available, of course. Even in the rarified atmosphere of the entertainment industry there were always jobs of some type to be had… But Rachel was a girl with big aspirations. She knew she was destined for great things… and people who were destined for great things didn’t fetch coffee or write dialogue for puppies on kid shows. She knew if she could get a chance to do to do something important, if she just had the opportunity, she could make her dreams come true.
     She threw on her bathrobe and went out into the kitchen with a sigh. Rachel padded toward the fridge, throwing open the door and resuming the age old debate about what to eat for breakfast: some healthy yoghurt or some of that yummy pizza from last—
     “Congratulations Rachel.”
     With a shriek, Rachel slammed the door and spun around quickly, clasping her robe closed with one hand as she did. She didn’t know how she’d missed the man sitting at the table when she’d first entered the room, but there he was… and what’s more, he was accompanied by a very attractive young woman wearing a very proper maid’s outfit. She was about to scream, but somehow managed to hold it inside… now that she looked, he did seem oddly familiar.  Rachel was sure she’d seen him before somewhere.
     Anyway, she was sure he wasn’t a burglar… not in that suit. And the woman certainly wouldn’t be much of a partner in crime in that get-up. He gave her a game-show smile, and now she was positive she knew him from somewhere. “You’ve been selected to be the first to participate in a bold, new experiment.”
     She gaped at him for a long second before stammering one of about a dozen questions rolling around her head. “How did you get in here?”
     He simply ignored her, pressing on. “Rachel, do you remember a few weeks ago when you filled out a certain… application online?”
     She thought back, puzzled. “You mean a job application? Are you here to offer me a job?” she asked excitedly, suddenly not caring who he was or how he got in.
     He smiled sardonically—Rachel felt an involuntary chill. “In a manner of speaking… but no, I’m not talking about a job application, Rachel… I’m talking about the other application you filled out recently.”
     Now she was really confused. Not a job application? Then what could he possibly be talking about? She watched his maid pour him a cup of coffee, watched him sip it slowly… there was just something so familiar about him…
     And then it came back to her. “Oh,” she said, filled with an odd combination of exhilaration and abject panic. “You mean…?”
     “That’s right, Rachel…” The Game Master said with his usual dramatic flourish, “Prepare to be the first contestant on The Humble Games Season Two!”
     Rachel frowned. “I thought that show got canceled—”
     “Network politics!” he hissed bitterly. “It was a rating triumph… a juggernaut, young lady, cut down by small minded fools and P.C. hatchet men…”
     “I thought you got sued?”
     “That matter is on appeal and I’m not at liberty to discuss it,” he said briskly, “Anyway, we’ve found a new home now—this new series will be exclusively on the internet, where we can bring the goods directly to the audience, totally uncensored.”
     “Uncensored?” Rachel asked nervously. She thought back to the show when it had been on the air, how she’d denounced it in public while devouring it in private. It was totally bizarre, unlike anything on TV… and she was addicted. Her rational mind recoiled in horror at the sight of so-called “naughty” women being infantilized on national TV… but there was something deep inside her that thrilled at it, relished their complete public humiliation-- laying awake at night obsessing about it… sometimes, she even imagined herself in those situations and felt and icy-hot prickle of guilty, embarrassed arousal…
     “The rules are a little different this year—each episode will focus on an individual contestant, who must complete an assigned task or challenge, each one tailored to your specific personality. Successful completion of the challenge wins you a wish (to be granted at my discretion.) Fail or deviate from the rules,” he smiled happily, relishing the thought, “and believe me…. It’ll be my pleasure to personally dole out your punishment.”
     Rachel shivered visibly: she knew what kind of punishment she was in for if she failed—hadn’t she watched it happen to other women who’d appeared on the show… in fact, hadn’t she gloried in their abject public embarrassment? Part of her wanted to call it off right there… but when was she ever going to get another opportunity like this dumped into her lap? She set her jaw and resolved to at least hear what he had in mind.
     “What kind of a challenge?” she asked hesitantly. He smiled like a fox, and Rachel felt another shiver ripple through her body.
     “You mentioned in your application that you were seeking a job in the entertainment industry,” he began smoothly. “I’ve used my contacts to procure you a job at one of the major development firms…”
     “Ah, let me stop you right there,” Rachel interrupted, eager to seize back a little control here of the situation. “I should probably mention here that I’m strictly a behind the scenes kind of gal… sure, I don’t mind participating in this little production here, but I have absolutely no intention of starring in The Adventures of Diapergirl if that’s what you had in mind, buster.”
     That’s right, she told herself, you’re in control here. Act like you don’t need this creep or his job… Rachel smiled internally. Set your boundaries, she told herself, squaring her shoulders, and let him know you’re in charge. After all—he needs me more than I need him she told herself, not quite believing it.
     But he surprised her: “Nothing like that,” he promised, “This is a job in development. It’s not much, but it could be a springboard to bigger things for you—if you successfully complete your task, that is.”
    “…I’m listening,” she said, worried, but determined to see what he had in mind.
     “As I was saying: you would be required to make it through an entire day at your new job, show them what you can do, prove that you’re up to playing in the big leagues.”
     “Hah!” Rachel laughed confidently. “Is that all? I was born ready!”
     “Oh, did I neglect to mention that you’d be wearing… this?” With a dramatic move of his hands, he produced a fluffy, white square made from crinkly plastic from thin air. Rachel instantly knew it was a diaper. “For the duration of the day, you will be forbidden to use the potty. When you’re ready for a change you may call me at this number,” he said, laying a card out on the table. “However, I must warn you that you’ll only have three changes, so be sure to use them wisely.”
     Rachel hesitated… “Hmm… I don’t know…”
     “It’s up to you, of course… however, you must make your decision quickly since they are expecting you at 9:00 sharp…”
     Rachel looked at the clock with a gasp—if she wanted in, she had to speak now. She agonized over it for one last moment before blurting “OK I’ll do it!”
     She regretted it almost instantly. “Outstanding! I knew you had it in you! Oh Rachel,” he grinned, making her gulp, “I just know you’re going to be lots of fun!
     “This should save some time,” he said, and with a flick of his wrists the diapers were gone. Rachel squinted… it looked as he’d used some kind of sleight of hand to replace the diaper with what looked like a pair of women’s panties… with little ducks on them. That’s funny, she thought, I’ve got a pair like that. In fact, I’m wearing them right…
     Her jaw suddenly dropped, and Rachel gave an experimental wiggle of her butt. A noisy, plastic crinkle and increased bulk between her legs confirmed what she suspected… Holy crap, I’m in diapers!
     “Neat trick, huh?” the Master said, pleased with himself. He tossed the panties across the room, and Rachel absently grabbed them and stuffed them in the pocket of her robe. He snapped his fingers; the maid produced another cup and started pouring. “Care to join me for an espresso to celebrate?”
     Rachel hesitated… she knew that coffee had a tendency to irritate her stomach, and caffeine stimulated her bladder. She knew she should resist, thinking of the stressful day she had ahead of her. But with the diaper wrapped tightly around her waist, it’s thick, cottony bulk between her thighs spreading her legs obscenely… it all just made her feel so infantile. Desperate to assert her adulthood and try and regain some control of the situation, she pushed her doubts out of her mind and sat across from him.
     “Don’t mind if I do,” she said, nonchalantly, waiting for the maid to fill her cup. She brought the cup to her lips and drank deeply. The coffee was rich, it’s flavor strong in her mouth. It was hot and good and very strong… she felt it settle in her stomach, a warm, slightly acidic ball in the pit of her belly. Rachel was beginning to regret drinking it already… but it was too late.
     With a smile, the Master rose and went toward the door, the maid trailing behind him. “Good luck, Rachel,” he said, letting himself out.
     Rachel sat at the table for a long moment, just squirming her bottom on the hard plastic chair, feeling the diaper squish beneath her curvy rump, listening to the soft crinkle that emerge with her every move. She began to worry that she’d made a huge mistake…
     … But she realized she’d have to worry about it later: she didn’t have much time before she had to leave, and she still had to find something that wouldn’t reveal her diaper to her new co-workers. She got up from the table and scurried as fast as her bulky diaper would allow into her room and began rooting through her closet.