Friday, 18 September 2015

The Humble Games– S02 E01 (Part Ten-- The Thrilling Conclusion!)

Big thanks to everyone who read and sent in comments and encouragement, and huge thanks to Rachel for letting me use her likeness.

Rachel drove home with all the windows rolled down. Beneath her, the mess sloshing and squishing around in the seat of her diaper prevented her butt from touching the seat like she was sitting on a cushion. The stench had filled the entire car, and Rachel had visions of driving around in a mobile outhouse. She was desperate to get home and get into the shower... but the traffic seemed backed up into infinity. She let out a shaky breath and tried to calm herself.

She knew she should have been mortified... knew that somehow The Master had filmed every humiliating moment-- was probably turning over the footage to his editors right now to be trimmed and put together for the consumption of everyone on the internet... her day long ordeal, out there for every living thing with wi-fi access to see. Soon they'd be watching her, messing her diaper, getting changed in her office, the humiliation of the little girl dress...

The thought filled her with horror... but there was another sensation, deeply buried, at the thought of all those people seeing her undergo her marathon of humiliation. Imagine... all those eyes on me as I fill my diaper and then go up on my own desk to get changed. There'll be lots of men, starring, watching me get my bottom wiped clean by an almost total stranger... and at least a few of them will probably be hot... In spite of herself, the idea had her aroused, and before she knew it, Rachel was squirming and squishing around in her diaper once again.

Just stop it! She scolded herself, trying to focus her attention on the road. But the traffic was heavy, the chatter on the radio inane, and in her loins, a fire had been kindled. It's flames had been doused for the moment, but still the embers simmered, glowing red, waiting to flare up once again. She forced herself to stop wriggling and clenched her jaw, gripping the wheel tightly in her fingers and forcing herself to think about something-- anything-- except the gooey mess in her pants.

So, with sweat dripping down her face in spite of the AC cranked up to full and the car inching slowly through traffic like an old turtle, Rachel chewed her lips, humming and drumming her fingers on the wheel along with the radio, and forced herself not to thing about the muddy ooze squishing beneath her buttocks and between her cheeks.

At last she was pulling into her spot at home and, after thoroughly checking to see that the parking lot was clear of witnesses, she scurried across the pavement, vividly aware of the big mushy dump squishing in the seat of her oversized pamper with every step, and bolted up to her front door. Her hands were shaking so hard that it took her a moment to get the key in the lock, and then she was pressing too hard to make it turn. It was hot outside, hotter still inside her diaper, and the big, muddy mess in the seat was even hotter than that-- Rachel was sure she would feel it beginning to bubble and boil against her butt if she didn't get inside soon. And maybe it's my imagination, she thought, twisting the key futilely in the lock, but I swear the heat is making the smell worse.

Finally the lock gave, and she practically tumbled inside and slammed the door shut behind her. She fell back against it, not even wincing at the way it squished against her rump, and emitted a prolonged sigh of relief, and even found herself chuckling a bit. She'd made it! An entire day in diapers at work-- at least half of them in a messy and sagging one, and she'd escaped without being caught! The reality of being humiliated on the internet at some point in the future was something she'd deal with when it came-- for now, she'd just bask in the simple glory of a hard-won victory.

And there was still the matter of her prize-- she'd been thinking it over and she had some ideas... She wondered briefly how he would contact her... but that that could wait too. Right now, there was just one more thing she wanted to do-- and surprisingly, it's wasn't get her diaper off. She'd been struggling against the shameful arousal she'd been feeling all day... but now, at home, she could treat herself to a nice, slow session with her hatachi-- and she was just dying to find out how it would feel through her messy diaper. After all I've been through today, I think I've earned it, she thought with a lazy smile, making her way into the living room and switching on the light.


Rachel nearly had a heart attack when the Master appeared from the darkness in front of her, flanked as always by a pair of attractive female assistants. Somewhere, music began to play, and above her head confetti and balloons appeared from nowhere to rain down on her.

“Congratulations Rachel,” he said, wading through the confetti to shake her hand. “You survived your challenge under extreme pressure!”

“I-- Huh?” still dazed a from her ordeal and the shock of the Master's macabre surprise party, Rachel was having a hard time gathering her thoughts.

“Now,” he said, totally ignoring her confusion, “I know it's getting late and you probably want to get out of that stinky pamper,” he said with a sardonic grin, making her blush, “but now it's time to choose-- just what will be your fabulous prize?”

She shifted from foot to foot, well aware that the Master and his assistants were watching her. She'd only given it the vaguest of thoughts... the only thing she could think of at that moment was a fresh diaper-- but she knew that would be foolish. She stammered for a moment before finally, tentatively, she began to speak: “Well... I want to keep the job-- no... I want a promotion! In fact,” she said, beginning to warm up, “I think I should be the head of development! With an expense account! And a company car! And a cute manager working under me-- someone like Chad,” she thought, blushing as she flashed back to her earlier thoughts of her handsome boss changing her diaper.

The master made a strange gesture. “Your wish,” he said as reality began bending around him, “is my command.”

Rachel felt an odd rush of vertigo-- around her the world began to bulge and compress... she felt great pressure, like the universe was collapsing in on her, and for a moment she was worry she'd be crushed flat.

The world grew dark.

“Rachel? Are you OK?”

Rachel blinked her eyes open... her jaw popping open when she realized that what she was looking at was entirely different from what it had been seconds ago... she felt a moment of nightmarish disorientation, and for a moment she was fighting the urge to throw up. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to steady her breathing.

“Rachel?” She recognized the voice, she knew-- her mind began working to place it. It was so hard to separate what was real from what wasn't... and she could feel new memories forming on top of the old ones.

When she opened her eyes, Chad was looking at her, concerned. “Are you feeling alright?”

She smiled at him-- things were starting to solidify... yes, she remembered now. She was meeting with some junior executives, hearing pitches for a new show. Chad was there-- he was always there, she told herself with a smile, her steady right hand, executing her orders without hesitation. And that wasn't all-- she was still hazy on the details, but she knew that they had a 'close' relationship, and she could picture herself nude and squealing ecstatically before him on multiple occasions.

“Yes,” she finally stammered, “yes... I think I'm just tired after lunch,” she said with a smile, drawing some warm chuckles from around the room.

“Well, I think we're almost done here,” Chad said. He looked to the duo across the table. “Right?”

“Absolutely-- we'll leave a copy of the proposal with you.”

“That's fine,” Rachel said in her best boss voice, enjoying herself immensely. “Why don't you speak with my receptionist about setting up another meeting, maybe sometime next-- OH!” She cried, cutting herself off when she felt a sharp cramp in her side.

“Are you OK?” Chad asked gently, and, she thought, far too casually. Rachel began to get a sick feeling.

“Y-yeah,” she managed, hoping that it was just a passing thing. “Sorry... I just--” She cut herself off again with a gasp, a strong, sharp cramp tearing into her belly. Suddenly it felt very hot in the conference room... She tried to deny it, but there was no question: she had to move her bowels-- soon!

She had a sudden claustrophobic sensation, like the walls were closing in on her. She tried to give no sign of her distress, but there was something wrong-- the simple urge to take a dump was quickly mushrooming into a full-blown emergency. If the urge continued to grow at this rate, it would be uncontrollable before she could even reach the door. Sweat popped out on her forehead and she became aware that Chad was watching her with concern... but not surprise. Likewise, the pair of underlings across the table seemed more fascinated than anything. She felt a gently, tickling warmth spreading beneath her bum... she gave a strangled cry when she realized she'd been pissing herself for at least three or four seconds before she'd noticed.

She clenched her buttocks and strained every muscle, trying desperately to keep herself clean. She looked into the bemused faces of the two producers on the other side of the table, supposedly her inferiors, as they looked on, mildly amused as she flexed her anus with all her might in a desperate last ditch effort to maintain her dignity.

A fart rumbled in her diaper, mercilessly razzing her efforts to save face in front of her underlings-- one of the juniors across the woman said “oh my!” and covered her mouth, though whether in disgust or to stifle a laugh Rachel wasn't entirely sure. Meanwhile, Chad looked at her with a small smile that was at once knowing, understanding, and contained just a hint of 'I-told-you-so.'

“This is why I generally advise against having a meeting right after lunch,” he said, drawing good-natured chuckles from around the room. Rachel gasped and looked at him, outraged and humiliated that he would call attention to it! She gathered her thoughts, preparing to scold him, when she noticed an all-too-familiar thick, goopy feeling around her tushy. A slight wriggle of her rump confirmed she was sitting in something hot and gooey... and there was more of it, spreading out across her rump, coming right out of her--

A sharp cramp in her belly lead to another ghastly explosion in the seat of her pants, and Rachel emitted an involuntary grunt as she felt the back of her pants filling with a thick, mushy mudslide. No-- not pants. Whatever she had on, it was thick and hot and plastic...almost like--

“Time for a diaper change, boss?” Chad asked without irony. He stood and helped her from her chair... numbly Rachel allowed herself to be helped to her feet. She saw the pair across the table snicker, and looking down, she let out a sharp little cry of embarrassment-- above her waist, she was wearing a designer blouse and jacket that must've cost a fortune... below that, she was clad in nothing but a massive, bulky disposable diaper, and high heels. She fought the urge to reach down and try to cover herself-- she knew she'd just look silly in the attempt, and besides, nobody seemed particularly surprised to see her in such a state-- in fact, beyond mild amusement, nobody seemed to have much of a reaction at all.

Another catastrophic fart, another hot, gooey surge into the seat of her pampers. Behind her, she felt the seat of her diaper beginning to expand and sag heavily... just like a disobedient two-year old, she thought, bitterly. Chad, quite redundantly, in her opinion, reached out and gave the back of her diaper a little squeeze.

“Oh yes,” he said, “time for a change, and no two ways about it!”

“We'll get out of your hair,” said the young man as the two development execs beat a hasty retreat-.

“Oh, by the way-- I just loved your episode of The Humble Games!” the young woman told her before they shut the door behind them-- Rachel was sure she heard laughter disappearing down the hallway behind them.

Rachel could only stand by gaping-- Loved my episode? She thought, growing pale. But that means that they-- everyone-- must've saw me.. my...

The room began to swim around her, and for a moment she thought she'd faint. New memories were slowly fading in over top of the old ones-- few of them good.

Behind her, Chad was spreading a plastic changing mat out on the floor. He reached out and gave her rear-end a firm pat, squishing the load in her diaper against her rump. Rachel gasped and shivered... she got a sinking feeling when she realized it had given her an electric surge of arousal.”That is certainly a loaded diaper, isn't it?”

“Uhh...” she stammered, her cheeks flaring red-- she had absolutely no idea how to respond.

Luckily, the question seemed to be rhetorical-- Chad continued retrieving supplies from a bulging pink diaper bag with R-E-I-N-A spelled out in baby blocks on the side... my diaper bag, she thought with a shiver. At last he took her by the hand and looked at her expectantly: “Let's go, honey” he said, helping her down to the mat gently. “I want to get you out of that dirty pamper before you get another rash on your tushy.”

Blushing furiously at the idea of getting a diaper rash on her butt at her age (not to mention the thought of Chad dealing with said rash for her-- she suddenly had visions of laying on her tummy, bare ass jutting up in the air behind her so he could rub so ointment into her fanny) Rachel slowly lowered herself to the floor. Another electric surge of arousal coursed through her body as she settled her bulging, messy pamper to the mat, making her shudder. She realized, to her horror, that her pussy was sopping wet, and when Chad looked away to check something in her bag, Rachel couldn't resist the urge to squirm her bottom around in her mess, her heart pounding frantically at the gooey sensations that emerged.

In moments, he was squatting between her legs, tearing open the tapes on her diaper with dramatic flare-- Rachel couldn't help wincing at the noise... it was like it was announcing to everyone in earshot that she was nothing more than an overgrown toddler in a stinky, squishy pamper. She felt the front panel being pulled down, squeezed her eyes shut against the sudden chill on her bare and bald privates, shuddered when she noticed the stench increase ten-fold and cringed when she heard Chad acknowledge this fact: “Phew-wee! No more Thai food lunches for you young lady!”

Rachel groaned and brought her hands up to her face, nearly choking on her embarrassment. When she envisioned an intimate relationship with Chad, this definitely wasn't what she'd had in mind! She forced her head up, forced herself to look down at the dirty diaper that had been taped around her loins, then quickly recoiled with an embarrassed groan when she saw the thick, gooey mess caked inside. She lay, passive and humiliated, as Chad began the long and difficult task of cleaning her up.

Rachel forced herself to lay as still as possible, but couldn't suppress a quivering moan when he took her ankles and lifted them over her head. “Oh man,” he groaned, pulling another wipe, “I think we're going to have to use half the box for this one!” He chuckled. Rachel groaned and covered her face, then squealed when he passed the wipe right up her butt crack. The process was repeated several more times, and by the time he was finished there was an entire pile of soiled wipes to be balled up with the rest of the diaper and discarded. A new pamper was slid under her squirming bottom, powder dusted across her bare crotch and squirming butt, and patted in firmly... in spite of herself, Rachel felt a grin spreading across her face as she savored his hand, soft, yet firm... so reassuringly masculine against her most intimate parts...

All too suddenly, his hands disappeared... they were quickly replaced by the diaper being pulled up firmly between her legs. “There we go,” Chad said gently, sealing the diaper closed around her waist and trapping her. Rachel groaned even was she squirmed her freshly pampered bottom, the plastic of her diaper slipping frictionlessly against the plastic mat beneath her.

Rachel struggled to process it all, but it was simply too big-- how far back did the changes go? How long had she been wearing diapers-- and how long had Chad been changing them for her? How many people knew? She remembered the junior executive's remark about her episode of the Humble Games and shuddered-- what kind of ratings did this new version get, anyway?

He helped her to her feet-- Rachel felt a moment of vertigo and struggled to find her footing a bit. These diapers, even thicker than the last, spread her feet nearly shoulder width apart and forced her to waddle-- just like the toddler she appeared to be from the waist down. Rachel breathed deeply and slowly, trying to calm her nerves, trying desperately to convince herself that this was all some terrible nightmare from which she'd awake any moment.

Chad checked his watch: “Yeah, I think it might be time for a nap anyway,” he said, unceremoniously scooping her up into his arms and carrying her against his hip. Rachel gasped and threw her arms around his neck for support, resting her head against his shoulder and instinctively wrapping her legs around his waist... just like a real baby.

With one arm holding tightly around the waist and the other slipped beneath her so he could cup her well-padded butt, Chad carried her from the room before Rachel could even think to protest. Down the hallway he carried her, just like an oversized sprat, occasionally giving her diapered rump a gentle pat..

On the wall as they passed, Rachel spotted a poster bearing a promotion for the company: Pampered Productions, it announced in large pink letters at the top. Beneath that... Rachel had to strain her eyes to confirm her fears, but there could be no doubt. It was a picture of her, decked out in the same humiliating little girl outfit she'd found herself in when the Master caught her trying to use the toilet earlier. Not only was she the head of production... apparently Rachel was also the company's mascot as well. She wondered how many people had seen the posters and buried her face in Chad's shoulder with a groan.

“Awww, you're ready for a nap, aren't you honey?” Chad asked rhetorically, apparently mistaking her groan of embarrassment for fussiness. Entering the main office, Rachel was mortified to see they were walking right past the other employees as they went about their duties... and aside from the occasional knowing smile in her direction, nobody seemed to react to the sight of their boss being carried through the office in a mondo diaper-- apparently, it was a common sight around here.

At last they arrived at Rachel's office... she tightened her grip around Chad's neck as he switched her off to one arm so he could open the door. He hefted her inside and switched on the lights... Rachel looked around the room with a horrified gasp.

It was a nursery. There was no other way of putting it-- her office, her private sanctum away from her minions, was, not just an over sized nursery, but customized for her specifically: the crib in the corner, the changing table against the wall... they were all sized perfectly to her exact body type. The floor was littered with toys, the crib piled high with stuffies, and the walls painted soft pastel pink and adorned with cartoon animals playing cutely with each other. A modest desk, pushed up against the far wall, seemed to be the one and only concession to adulthood in the entire room.

She gasped as Chad began undressing her-- as embarrassing as it was, she could tell by his business-like demeanor that there was nothing amorous about it-- and she now possessed foggy memories of frolicking naked in front of Chad during diaper changes and while being dressed... even getting bathed by him.

She found herself standing in her office, nude but for her bulging pamper. Chad browsed through the wardrobe against the wall. Rachel watched with goose-pimply skin as he selected a fuzzy pink onsie-- he beckoned her over. “Arms up, babe,” he ordered gently. Rachel obeyed automatically, sticking her hands up in the air and allowing him to tug the onsie over her head. He squatted down and snapped up her crotch... his hands brushing and rubbing against the front of her diaper, and Rachel realized to her horror that she was getting aroused again.

“OK, upsey girl,” Chad said, sweeping her up into his arms with ease and carrying her over to the crib. Rachel felt herself trembling, her pussy positively dripping as he lay her gently among the overstuffed pillows and plush animals. She looked up at him, hungry, pleading, desperate for sexual gratification.

“Oh,” said Chad knowingly, “is someone a tad... restless?” he asked, arching his eyebrow suggestively. Rachel giggled and nodded, already fantasizing about a round of passionate, steamy sex with her former boss turned assistant. Even in a diaper and a crib, the idea was still undeniably hot.

“Oh really?” he chuckled, “Well, I think we know how to take care of that, don't we?”

Rachel giggled and nodded excitedly, sighing lustily and readying herself for his touch.

“Here you go, honey,” he said, reaching beneath her crib and handing her the fanciest battery operated Hitachi vibrator she'd ever seen. Rachel let out a gasp of disappointment and embarrassment. She stammered, but couldn't find anything to say as chad lifted up the bars and locked them into place. She was still stammering when he opened the door.

“Nighty night, honey,” he said, turning off the light. “I'll see you in an hour or so.”

And with that, he was gone, shutting the door behind him.

Alone in the dark, trapped behind the bars of her crib, Rachel clutched the vibrator and ran the events of the past 20 minutes through her mind over and over. The Master had gotten her good-- served up her wish with one final dose of humiliation. How could she look these people in the face? Expect them to follow her orders? The thought of all those eyes on her... watching as she was carried through the office, her thickly padded diaper butt crinkling the entire way... the sheer embarrassment of it, she thought lustily, unconsciously switching on the vibrator.

Tossing herself over on her stomach, she lifted her hips and slid the vibrator beneath her. Pressing her crotch down, she emitted a squeal of delight, and allowed herself to be carried away on a wave of shameful pleasure.

The end