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The Humble Games- Season Three Episode Two

Jess has authorized me to tell you all that the first part of the dream sequence in this story is based on actual events.
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Episode Two
By the time Jessica got downstairs, her mother was already walking into the house. Jessica cursed her luck-- now she was in for a lecture!
“Hi honey,” her mom said, exhausted, setting her purse on the table. “How was your day?”
“It was... interesting,” she said, deciding not to broach the subject of her forthcoming fame at the moment. “How was yours?”
“Oh... pretty good. Did you have any trouble with that roast?”
Jessica averted her gaze. “Uh... actually, I was just about to put it in...”
“Oh Jessica,” her mother began, in that melodramatic voice she knew her daughter hated, “come on! I don't ask that much of you, young lady-- you can certainly help me out with dinner every once in a while.”
Clenching her jaw, Jessica forced herself not to roll her eyes. She desperately wanted to get her mother off her back. “I'm sorry, mom... I was just studying for my exam...”
“Oh, 'studying,' huh? Well, I hope you're telling the truth Jessica, because if your last report card was any indication, you're going to need all the study time you can get if you want to graduate this year!”
“Mom! Get off my case OK? I told you I'm doing fine!”
“Don't you take that tone with me, young lady! Just because you're almost a grown woman now, don't start thinking you're too big for me to take across my knee!”
Jessica blushed, embarrassed and angry... that she had been struggling at school, that her mother really had paddled her bare-bottom across her knee until just a few years ago made it all the worse. “Look, just shut up, OK? I'm sick of you treating me like a kid, you old bat!”
Jess felt a sudden shiver up her spine-- a brief moment of vertigo hit her, like a head-rush from standing too fast... she nearly staggered in place. She shivered... something had happened, something felt different... She became aware that her mother was in the midst of a tirade aimed at her.
“... And frankly, if that's the way you're going to act about it young lady, you can get your butt back to your bedroom this very instant-- and stop sucking your thumb! What are you, four years old?”
“Whum uh oo tlkin bout?” Jessica had no idea what her mother was saying... not until she realized she was mumbling and drooling around her thumb.
“I have just about had it with you, young lady! You march yourself back upstairs this instant and think about how you've been acting!”
Feeling slightly nauseous, Jessica gladly fled upstairs, finally managing to dislodge her thumb from her mouth along the way.
“What the hell's going on?” she said softly to herself. Jessica lay on her bed, fretting. Is this what that creep had meant about 'consequences?' It would seem so, since she'd already spat out her own thumb after finding herself unconsciously sucking it three times in the last hour.
Oh god, she realized, bolting up from the bed... If I don't pass my test... I could wind up sucking my thumb forever!
Jessica practically ran across the room to her school bag, pulled out her text book, sat herself down at her desk, and flipped it open to the appropriate chapter, ready to knuckle down and put in some serious study time.
However, not even half an hour had passed (during which time Jessica had spat out her thumb another twice more) before she felt herself starting to drift off. It had been a long, hectic day, and frankly, Jessica wasn't used to sitting still and reading for long periods of time. Soon her attention was drifting, and before she knew it she was nodding off, her chin hitting her chest and waking her up several times before she finally succumb to sleep, drifting off with her head on her desk and her thumb planted firmly in her mouth.
Jessica dreamed...
In her dream she was still in first or second grade. Well, that's not entirely true-- she was still herself, still a spoiled, sexy high-school senior... but somehow, she was wearing one of the frilly party dresses her mother used to buy for her, topped off with a pair of shiny, patent leather Mary-Jane shoes and a pink bow in her hair. Beneath the dress, she could feel a pair of the kind of thick, cotton underpants her mother used to buy for her, and over top of that, a pair of white tights with three rows of frills on the seat had been pulled up her legs and over her butt, and Jessica frowned, remembering how much she hated the itchy material against her bare legs.
She found herself trailing behind her father, who was leading her to the local Play Palace, where most of the kids in her class had their birthdays among the indoor playground equipment, games and dining areas. “Come on, Jess,” he said, tugging her along by her hand. She tried to resist, but he was so strong that he wound up dragging her along without even noticing... just as though she really was seven years old again.
“Wait... hold on... Daddy, stop!” she pleaded, trying unsuccessfully to pull her hand free. She was disoriented, she couldn't quite remember what had happened... but she did know that it wasn't something she wanted to go through a second time.
“Come along, honey,” he said cheerfully, ignoring her pleas and tugging her along. “You want some pizza and ice cream for your birthday, don't you?”
She struggled and resisted and dug in her heels... her father just dragged her merrily along behind him, seemingly oblivious to her protests as he tugged her through the doors.
Inside it was dark-- Jessica squirmed and sweated, breathing heavily now, wracking her brain, trying desperately to remember what had happened the first time she was here...
All at once she was surrounded on all sides by a sudden roar:
Startled, Jessica screamed, finally recalling, just a second too late, the moment in time that she was reliving... It was her seventh birthday, and her parents had arranged a surprise party for her and all her friends at Play Palace. She'd been so excited to get there that when everyone jumped out and shouted, she'd...
All at once, there was a horrifyingly familiar vertigo accompanied by a hot, wet gush from below... all at once, Jessica became aware of trails of hot liquid streaming down her thighs, soaking her panties and trickling down her calves to dampen her socks and pool around the soles of her shoes. Jessica tried to stem the flow, but she was utterly unable to exert any control, and she was forced to stand helplessly by, squeaking and squealing as she thoroughly doused her panties.
“Oh Jess,” her mother whispered, horrified. Everyone was staring at her... her parents, the guests... even the family friend they'd cajoled into dressing up as Snow White (Jessica's favourite Disney princess.) They were all looking at her, and poor Jessica could do little more than shift from foot to foot in her squishy shoes.
It was her mother who came to the rescue, and while Snow White ran interference with the guests, she quickly took Jessie by the hand and leading her, shell-shocked, towards the ladies room. Jessica's face was flaming... as humiliating as it was to have actually wet her panties when she was seven, reliving it as a grown woman was even worse. And although she was nearly the same height as her mom, the older woman was easily pulling her along... just like a real little girl!
The next thing she knew, she was in the bathroom, holding her dress up to her chest and standing by, blushing, as her mother tugged her panties down her legs and off her feet before plopping them in the garbage. She tore a few sheets of paper towel and started drying her off, lecturing the whole time. “I don't understand how you can be so silly, Jessica,” she said, exasperated, wiping her daughter's pussy dry with total nonchalance... as though it was something they did every day.. “You'd better shape up missy, or it's going to be back to diapers for you!
“Bend over,” she demanded, and Jessica hesitantly complied, presenting her pale, plump backside for her mother to wipe clean. Her cheeks seared as the rough, scratchy paper passed up between her buttocks-- she didn't remember the real incident being anywhere near as traumatizing as this!
“I sent someone out to get some--” there was a knock at the door. “That must be them.”
The door opened a crack, a hand passed in a mysterious bundle before disappearing again.
“We got you these to wear, Jessica,” her mother said, holding up the object for her to see. “And I don't want to hear any complaints from you, young lady, or you're going over my knee in front of everyone!”
Jessica's cheeks burned at the suggestion of a spanking in front of her guests, but she quickly turned pale, horrified when she saw what her mother was holding up.
“No,” she whispered, taking an involuntary step backwards, “mommy please...” she lisped, and suddenly, Jessica didn't feel like a woman in little girls clothes anymore.
At that moment, when she saw the Pull-Ups with Snow White's beautiful princess face beaming at her from the seat, Jessica felt just like a little girl again. She took an involuntary step backwards... for some reason, she got the impression that the lovely cartoon princess was sneering at her menacingly... as if she severely doubted Jess' ability to keep herself clean and dry.
“Yes! Get that soggy little bottom over here this instant, my girl, or you're going to be very sorry!”
With a fiery blush on her face, Jessica forced herself to cross over to her mother, then obediently lifted first one foot, then the other so that the infantile garment could be pulled up her legs and firmly into place between her thighs. Her mother chuckled and patted her pampered bottom. “Don't you just look so cute? Now let's go,” she said, taking Jessica by the hand and dragging her towards the door, “It's almost time for cake!”
Her mother tugged her out the door, and Jessica saw that the restaurant had taken on a nightmarish, distorted quality, with the rides and games and mascots towering over her at strange, jagged angles. In the distance, the guests had gathered around a large table, and their faces glowed malevolently in the light of the flickering birthday candles.
“Pull up a chair, birthday girl!” The waiter said, gesturing for her to sit at the head of the table. He looked familiar, but she couldn't quite place him in the stupid uniform. It wasn't until her mother had planted her firmly in her seat that it dawned on her-- it was that perv from her room! What the hell was going on, and what did he have to do with any of this?
“Blow out the candles, honey,” her mom encouraged, and Jessica forced herself to smile graciously and comply, blowing them out on the first try while everyone applauded. Jessica felt ridiculous. As a senior in high school, practically a full grown woman, the thought of sitting here, dressed up like a little girl and blowing out birthday candles made her pray for the earth to swallow her whole.
“Good girl,” The Master said enthusiastically. “You've earned yourself a nice big piece of cake!” he said, cutting her a big slice and plopping it down on her plate. Jessica stared at it apprehensively... the cake was moist and gooey, absolutely slathered with icing, with a thick layer of fudge in the middle. But there was something about it that seemed almost sinister-- as silly as she felt, Jessica was almost afraid to eat it.
“Um... that's OK. I'm actually, uh, trying to watch my figure...”
“Come on Jessica,” he said, taking up a fork and lifting a large portion to her lips, “don't be a party pooper!”
Before she could protest, he suddenly pushed it into her mouth, and Jessica was so stunned that the cake was in and the fork was out before she even knew what had happened.
It was, without a doubt, the best cake she'd ever had... it was so soft and moist it practically melted in her mouth, the ripple of fudge through the center coated her tongue in a layer of sweet deliciousness, the chocolate icing rich and thick... she found herself eagerly swallowing. She tried to resist, but it was simply so scrumptious that she couldn't control herself.
Almost before she knew what was going on, Jessica reached out, took a giant, messy handful and shoved it into her mouth, smearing her lips and chin in the process. Before she knew it, she followed it with another handful, and then another and another. Her face was getting completely smeared, her cheeks, mouth and chin rapidly disappearing beneath a layer of pastry and icing, which dripped off her face and spattered on the front of her dress. Around her, the guests were chuckling at her childish gluttony.
“Jessica,” her mother mock-scolded between guffaws, “slow down darling! You're going to get an upset tummy.”
But Jessica wasn't listening-- she was busy shoveling fistfuls of cake into her mouth, at first because it was so tasty, then because she wanted to finish it as quickly as possible since she didn't seem to be able to stop herself from eating it.
But somehow, the cake didn't seem to be disappearing... in fact, the piece seemed bigger now than it had when The Master first placed it on her plate. The more she grabbed and shoved into her mouth, the more room the cake seemed to be taking up on her plate. Jessica grabbed another handful, pushed it into her mouth (smearing a large portion around her lips) and chewed manically, swallowing even as she was reaching out for another handful, the excess cake overflowing her lips and dribbling down the front of her dress.
This continued for several minutes, and Jessica was now sweating, almost frantic as she greedily crammed handful after handful of pastry between her lips, her jaw growing tired from steadily chewing larger quantities of cake than her mouth could actually handle, the excess overflowing her mouth, dribbling down her chin and splattering the front of her pretty pink dress. She was sure now that the cake wasn't disappearing, was in fact actually growing in front of her eyes, throbbing as it slowly but surely began to fill the entire surface of her plate.
The guests were cheering her on now, and although she knew it was silly (not to mention the fact that she was getting quite full) for some reason she'd become obsessed with finishing this piece of cake.
So she continued cramming cake by the fistful into her mouth and, when that didn't finish it off fast enough, she simply plunged face first into the soft pastry and tore into it like a starving dog. The lower half of her face was totally covered in cake and icing, and she realized she hadn't even made a dent... no matter how much she crammed into her gullet, there was always more, growing, expanding further and further, until it was dropping off the sides of the plate. Worse, she started to realize that the cake was still growing inside of her... she could feel it in her belly, pulsing, expanding, filling up every inch of space.
Realizing that she'd been tricked, Jessica sat back in her chair, her face and the front of her dress spattered with chocolate, fuller than she'd ever been in her life. Her belly gurgled and growled... she rubbed it idly and moaned. Around her, the guests cheered and applauded.
“Hooray for the birthday girl!” The Master led the cheer. “How do you feel, Jessica?”
Totally beyond her control, as if on cue, Jessica let out a shockingly loud belch, bringing a round of applause from the assembled guests. Jessica groaned, partly out of embarrassment, but mostly because she could feel the gooey mass in her tummy still pulsating and expanding, pushing in every direction... her belly felt tight and swollen under her dress, and she began to fear she might burst.
Everyone was watching her expectantly, like she was putting on a show. Jessica's eyes widened when she realized that the cake was rapidly descending through her guts, barreling through her intestines and towards her colon at breakneck speed. Before she knew it, her bowels were percolating, practically boiling inside of her. Moments too late, Jessica realized what was happening and tried to clamp her anus.
A noisy fart razzed her efforts, and Jessica reddened as the guests started laughing at her lack of control once more. Jessica's jaw dropped... a foul, rotten stench emerged. She was totally embarrassed-- but her ordeal was just beginning.
Her tummy was gurgling and groaning inside her, and Jessica was sure that she was about to pop. Instead, she felt a massive, involuntary gush from her rear-end, accompanied by a wet, bubbly fart. Jessica squealed, straining to clench her butt-cheeks. Her bowels gurgled,... another loud eruption propelled a torrent of hot mush into the seat of her Pull-Ups, which bulged outwards as far as the ruffled seat of her tights would allow. Her guts rolled as she felt the gooey mess squish and spread against her buttocks. The stench emerged almost immediately... everyone around her groaned and covered their faces at the same time, and Jessica let out a choked sob in response.
It got worse... with another flatulent explosion, what felt like a pound of wet, mushy poop was propelled from her tushy and into the seat of her pull-up, and Jessica had the sensation of being lifted in her seat on a cushion of warm, muddy pulp. She moaned and clenched her hindquarters, straining with all her might to tighten her buttocks against any further escapes... she may have already disgraced herself, but she was determined to regain control of herself... to show everyone that she was an adult who'd had a little accident (well, maybe not so little, but anyway) rather than an overgrown toddler who had no control over her own bodily functions.
A sustained cramp in her bowels produced another surge of brown mush into her Pull-Up accompanied by a cacophony of flatulence...Jessica squealed, her eyes bulging when she felt the mess come gushing out the leg bands of her bulky training pants, oozing thickly down her thighs. In the seat, the situation wasn't much better-- the mess had thoroughly coated each buttock, and was slowly climbing toward the waistband.
Another cramp, another uncontrollable surge... Jessica gripped the table, her eyes bulging... she tried to control herself, but the pressure was just too great, the mess being literally propelled out of her. The
pull-Up was decimated, the leg bands totally blown out, the mess trailing down the backs of her legs, slowly but steadily, as her tights bulging to contain it.
Still the mass in her belly continued to pulse and throb, and Jessica realized, farting as she released another involuntary load into her overwhelmed, padded underpants, that she might never stop...
She screamed at the thought even as the mess in her pants crept up past her butt crack and touched the waistband of her panties...
Jessica awoke at her desk with a start. She sat upright, sweating, heart pounding. She scanned the room, nearly laughing with joy when she realized she was back home. Hesitantly, she reached around and felt the seat of her pants...
She was wearing the same little black thong she'd put on earlier that day... clean, dry and totally mess free. She huffed out a sigh of relief... What the hell was that? She thought to herself, sitting back at her desk. Jessica couldn't remember the last time she'd had such a vivid dream... and the appearance of The Master was definitely strange... could it be some sort of sign? Jessica didn't normally believe in that kind of thing, but... it was almost like someone had taken her memories of wetting herself at her birthday (which she had dreamed of in the past) and gave it a hard twist. But that was impossible... right?
Frowning, Jessica checked her clock, realized she still had a few hours before she had to be up for school. Groaning, she flopped into bed and quickly fell asleep again... but not before vowing to do a little research and finding out what she'd gotten herself into...
As she drifted off to sleep, The Master stepped, unseen, from the shadows in the corner of the room. “Ah. Jessica,” he tutted. “Sleeping when you should be studying... I think that definitely counts as immature.” He made a small gesture in the air, nodding with satisfaction when he noticed a soft pink light emerging from Jessica's top dresser drawer.
And under the sheets, Jessica's thong began to expand across her butt and up her belly, thickening and turning pink...

Jessica's Reaction

That was so weird. How can he just enter my dream like that? I mean, wetting myself at my 7th birthday party was totally embarrassing! But, I did not mess a pull-up too. This is sooooo unfair. Can I complain about any of this?
(looks to the side for a response)
I can't? Why not?..... Because I signed a contract?
*I sigh*
This is ridiculous. What is going on? That's what he meant by "consequences" isn't it? If I screw up he will torment my dreams?
(She begins sucking her thumb)
I'm scared.
(She realizes what she's doing and takes it out, blushing bright red)
Oh no. Oh no. No no no. Sucking my thumb, all this talk of immaturity, that distorted dream.... Is he going to make that happen in real life?