Friday, 1 April 2016

The Humble Games- Season Three Episode Three

Episode Three

Morning came far too quickly. Jessica growled at her alarm clock and smashed it off with her fist, just barely resisting the urge to toss it out the window. She spat out her thumb, blushing when she realized she'd probably been sucking it all night.

She lay in bed for a moment, running the events of the previous day through her mind. She hadn't had any more dreams, but the one she' did have had kept her up half the night, and it was still haunting her now. Her gut told her it was significant... but how could that be? It probably just meant she was nervous... right? Could a dream actually have any bearing on real life?

The more time past, the more aware she became...and it didn't take long for her to realize that she was quite warm... hot, really. Particularly in the crotch and butt region... almost like she was wearing something heavy under the sheets...

Reaching under the blankets, she felt around and gasped... what the hell am I wearing? She flipped the blankets off and gazed down in horror... around her waist, she was sporting a pair of ultra-thick training panties-- the kind little girls wore! She was barely able to choke back a cry... Where did these come from?! She screamed inwardly, thinking back to the previous evening, when she'd confirmed she still had a thong on...

The door blew open, and Jessica was so startled she let out a small shriek as her mother came in. “Mom!” Jessica cried, tossing the blanket back over her embarrassing panties. “What're you do--”

“How come you're still in bed?” Her mom scolded. She came over and yanked the sheets off her. “Did you manage to stay dry last night?” She asked with barely concealed exasperation, not even waiting to hear her response before she reached down and felt the crotch of her panties. Jessica elicited an outraged squeal.

“Mom!” She cried, wriggling as she tried and failed to evade her mother's probing fingers.

“Hmm... Dry,” she said with genuine surprise. Jessica's ears burned when her mother looked her in the eye and said: “Keep this up and maybe you can finally earn your way back into big-girl panties!”

“Mother!” Jessica screamed, cheeks turning red. :What's going on? Why am I wearing these?!”

“I've been asking myself the same question, young lady! I don't know how a girl yur age can have so many accidents... it's disgusting, Jessica!

“C''mon, get up,” she said, tugging Jessica by the hand until she was on her feet, feeling exceedingly ridiculous, cheeks blazing bright red as she caught sight of herself in her mirror, seeing her big thick panties in all their gloriously embarrassing detail. They were pale pink, the waistband extended nearly up to her bellybutton. The seat covered her entire bottom, and it was thickly padded, not just across the seat, but between the legs as well. The material was hot, fuzzy flannel, and dotted with little cartoon hearts. With her cheeks turning redder with each passing second, she forced herself to look away from the mirror. She realized her mother was still talking: “did you hear me, young lady? Get that butt in the shower... you're late.” And with that, she propelled her daughter into the hallway towards the bathroom with a sharp, open handed swat to her thickly padded backside. Squawking, Jessica hurried down the hall and into the bathroom, grateful for some privacy.

Happily discarding her big bulky panties, She climbed into the shower and soaped up, taking deep breaths to calm herself as she tried to figure out what had happened... and what she was going to do next. She now understood what The Master had said about “consequences”... but what could she do about it? Not to mention that, according to him, the changes would be permanent if she didn't pass her test... suddenly, Jessica was incredibly nervous. She vowed at that moment to be on her best behaviour until the test was finished... and that she would finally knuckle down and do some studying tonight!

She switched off the shower and stepped out of the tub. The door opened, her mother breezed right in. Jessica squealed, ridiculously covering her nudity as her mother took a towel from the rack and began drying her daughter off.

“Mom!” Jessica cried, squirming in place like a naughty two year old. “Stop! I can do it my—OW!” she squealed as her mother reached up and delivered a swat to her bare, wet, jiggling rump.

“I've just about had it with you, Jessica,” she said, vigorously drying her hair and skin. “I told you that you're running late. Sit still and let me get you ready or you're going to be sitting on a very red bottom in class today!”

Jessica blushed, fuming, biting her lip to keep from throwing a tantrum as her mother dried her off.

Once they were finished, Jessica's mother took her by the hand and dragged her into the hall towards her bedroom. Jessica reluctantly went along, merely grunting when her mother ordered her to lay on the bed face down (punctuated with another swat to Jessica's bare rump.) With her mouth pursed into a tight line, Jessica did as she was told, stretching out on her tummy and burying her face int the bed, blushing furiously when she imagined what she must look like with her bare ass, still tingling from the swats she'd received, stuck up and glowing in the air behind her. Her mother came over, took a bottle of baby powder from off the nightstand, and started dusting it across the rounded hillocks of her daughter's plump buttocks. Jess squawked and bucked on the bed with embarrassment when she realized what was happening.

“I've had enough of your silliness, young lady!” her mother thundered. She plucked something off the nightstand, brought it up to her daughter's lips. Shocked, Jessica opened her mouth without thinking, and that was how she found herself sucking on a pacifier. “Keep quiet and stop being silly,” her mother commanded, and Jessica forced herself to lay still as her mother first powdered her derriere, then patted it into her cheeks before being unceremoniously rolled onto her back.

Jessica squeezed her eyes shut, groaning in humiliation as the process was repeated on her crotch, blushing furiously as her mother patted it into her pussy. Her chest and armpits were next. “To make sure you smell nice,” her mother explained. Sucking her soother the whole time, Jessica felt like a powdered donut by the time she was finished.

“Up,” her mom commanded simply, and she was pulled to her feet, nude, smelling of baby powder, and sucking a pacifier like a three year old. Shifting from foot to foot nervously, she watched her mother go around the room and gather up some clothes. “Lift up,” she said, threading first one foot, then the other through the leg-holes of her panties and tugging them up her legs, pulling the seat firmly into place against her bottom. Jessica blushed when she realized they were another pair of embarrassing little girl training panties-- these ones white with fat red strawberries.

“But I don't wanna wear these!” She wailed, near tears. Her mother snorted.

“Well, stop peeing and pooping your pants, then,” she said, in such an off-handed, matter of fact manner that Jessica felt foolish for asking.

At least I don't have to dress like a baby, Jessica thought, relieved when she was dressed in a modest skirt and matching blouse. Her panties were well concealed... but they were still all thick and hot and fuzzy against her butt and up between her legs. She squeezed and shifted her thighs, flushing when the panties firmly rode up between her legs, pressing up against her privates in a most delightful way.

“OK... All ready,” Jessica's mom said, “get your butt down to the kitchen for breakfast, missy,” she said, sending her daughter on her way with another well placed swat to her padded bottom. With an embarrassed squeal, she took off as fast as her feet would carry her.

She took a seat at the table, blushing, trying to get used to the thick, fuzzy padding against her rump. Her mother eventually materialized, and after a few minutes deposited a big, steaming bowl of porridge on the table in front of her.

Jessica scooped up a spoonful and poured it back into the bowl, crinkling her nose at it. Her mother stood next to her, hands on hips.

“Eat,” she said sternly, and Jessica forced herself to swallow a spoonful. Though not bad exactly, the porridge was bland and sticky... all in all, Jess wished she was eating a pop-tart. “Can I have coffee?” she asked meekly, desperately trying to avoid being “naughty.”

Her mother just scoffed and set a glass of milk on the table in front of her. Jessica pouted, but forced herself to choke down her porridge and milk while her mother took a seat across from her, sipping coffee and eating toast. Jess watched her enviously.

“OK,” said her mother rising when she'd finished her breakfast, “get your stuff together... we're leaving in five minutes.”

Jessica reluctantly climbed the stairs to her room, packed her school back robotically, vividly aware of the thickly padded panties against her bum with every move. She fretted, butterflies in her stomach... could she avoid getting punished by the Master during school? And could she keep her secret safe from her friends... and enemies. She reddened when she realized she was sucking her thumb. She spat it out, slung her bag over her shoulder and headed back down the stairs before her mother started calling for her.

Jessica's Reaction

(Jess stares into the camera to recount the latest reactions to her experience.)
Jess: It’s totally messed up! He changed my underwear while I slept! I mean, c’mon! Stupid training panties.
 (She blushes and takes her thumb out of her mouth.)
The Game Master: So Jess, enjoying yourself?
Jess: No! It’s humiliating!
GM: Would you say it’s… humbling?
Jess: You twisted son of a-!
(She makes a move to hit him. A couple seconds later she sits there, puzzled. She's sitting bolt upright and sucking Her thumb. He laughs.)
GM: That won’t work
Jess: How did you get my Mom to play along?
GM: Same way I made you wear training panties while you slept, same way I invaded your dream and played with it. Don’t worry, your Mom is fine.  So, Jessica, tell me; do you still think you can win?
Jess: Y-yes I do. All I have to do is buckle down and study. Just pass my exams and then I win!
GM: Good luck with that Jess. Now, run along to class. Wouldn’t want to be late. That’s quite immature
(He laughs as she pouts to the camera.)