Friday, 3 July 2015

The Humble Games– S02 E01 (Part Nine)

Sorry about the delay on this one, folks. There's just one chapter left after this, so please be sure to let us know what you think.
This couldn't possibly be any worse, Rachel pouted to herself. She felt like an enormous toddler, waddling down the hallway with a big, mushy dump in the seat of her cartoonishly huge diaper, which was straining her skirt to the move too far in the wrong direction and Rachel was sure she'd split a seam. She crinkled loudly with every step, like she had a hundred empty potato chip bags stuffed down her pants...but that wasn't her real problem.
The real problem was the big, hot mess squishing against her tushy with every step... Rachel could feel the muddy pile pressing against her backside, coating her buttocks further with every step... but the eventual clean up or even the thought of being discovered in this infantile and smelly state wasn't the what she was most concerned about. No, what worried Rachel the most was the disturbing, almost debilitating tingle she was experiencing between her legs, spreading across her body in hot, prickly waves with each ooey-gooey squish. She was dripping sweat, her heart somersaulting in her chest. Every fiber of her being wanted to rush back to the bathroom and rub herself to a furious orgasm, but she'd been away for too long already, and she knew everyone must be suspicious. So Rachel pressed on, forcing herself to waddle down the hall as best she could, preying the entire way that nobody would notice anything unusual.

"... And moving on to the fourth quarter, we..." Chad stopped as the door slowly opened and Rachel appeared in the doorway. If she looked in any way disheveled, nobody made a comment on it...that's a positive anyway, she thought bitterly as she waddled back toward her chair.
"Everything alright?" Chad asked as Rachel pulled out her chair and began to slowly lower herself into it.
"Fine!" she replied with a little too much enthusiasm. "Everything's... just..." she trailed off, trying not to grimace as the load in her diaper hit the seat, "absolutely... positively..." she suppressed a shutter as her buttocks made contact with the hot, mushy load and began to slowly sink into it. "... Wonderful," she finished, noting a small quiver in her voice as the mess spurted up between her buttocks. Inside, her heart was throbbing wetly, filling her with giggly, girlish embarrassment, and between her legs her traitorous bitch of a pussy was sopping wet and pleading for some kind of stimulation.
There was an awkward pause. "Well," Chad finally said, "I see you got your notes..."
"Notes?" Rachel answered absently, not understanding the reference until she remembered her excuse. "Oh, the notes!" she said suddenly, cursing herself for returning empty handed. "I...I couldn't find them..."
"But... isn't that them in your hand?"
Rachel startled, realizing she was holding a few sheets of paper in her hand. How did...? The Master, she realized with relief. For a brief moment she was actually grateful to the old bastard, until she realized she had absolutely no idea what was written on these pages she was about to read out loud. "Oh! So they are! Y'know, I swear I'd forget my head if it weren't attached sometimes!" she laughed awkwardly, trailing off when she realized that everyone was staring expectantly at her. Clearing her throat, she began:
"I, uh... I've read over your proposals," she said, nervously reading directly from the page, "and I have to say... I...uh...I'm far from impressed," she continued, now fully aware that everyone was paying attention. "These flaccid, so-called "˜feel-good' reality shows are a total perversion of the genera, designed to appeal to the self-congratulatory instincts of the audience without providing the entertainment value they deserve after a hard day's work, and for this reason they're destined to fail."
She paused uncomfortably, glancing around the room. Every eye was on her, watching and listening with great interest, though whether it was because they were impressed by her gutsy truth-telling or because they were enjoying her public breakdown, Rachel had no idea.
"Here's my two cents," she continued reluctantly, preparing to read out whatever statement the Master had prepared for her. "One of my favorite reality shows of the past few years was... urm... The Humble Games," she forced herself to say, praying that she wasn't blushing. "Though short lived, it was a ratings hit, combining the sex-appeal and schadenfreude that today's audience craves." She squirmed her bottom uncomfortably, the hot, sticky mess squishing beneath her. Damn, this diaper's really dirty, she thought, dismayed when she felt another surge of arousal at the thought. "Fixing up people's houses and giving them makeovers might make viewers feel good for a few hours afterwords, but it's not going to give anyone anything to talk about at the water cooler the next day." I can't believe I'm sitting in the meeting, surrounded by my co-workers, in a seriously poopy diaper, she thought, blushing with embarrassment even as the idea made her pussy tingle. "The Humble Games was entertaining and lively, featuring beautiful, smug people getting their well deserved comeuppance...which is exactly what reality TV should be, because it's exactly what the audience is looking for."
She finished, nervously scanning the room for reaction. Her co-workers stared at her with deadpan expressions, impossible to read. Rachel sweated nervously, waiting for the other shoe to drop.
"Hmmm," someone said finally. "'The Humble Games...' I vaguely remember that."
"Yeah," said someone else, "kind of a weird one, wasn't it?"
"Very graphic as I recall," said another. "Had lots of problems with the advocacy groups."
"I loved that show!" Debbie enthused brightly before catching herself. Blushing she stammered "I, er, that is, my... friends... were always raving about it."
"OK," Chad broke in forcefully, "so everyone enjoyed this "˜Humble Games...' So what good does that do us?"
"Well," Rachel stammered, hardly able to believe she was even thinking about this, "I happen to know for a fact that the creators are shopping around a new version... and I've got the connections to get us in on the ground floor." I can't believe I'm talking to all these people, in the middle of my first big meeting at my new job, in a loaded, stinky pamper, she thought, desperate to reach down and start masturbating under the table.
Silence... Rachel was aware of her heart beating and the slow ticking of the clock on the wall. "Hmmm... well, get us the info and we'll look into it. And Rachel? Nice job."
She flushed with pleasure and released tension.
Debbie crinkled her nose. "Wow, I don't want to be rude, but something really stinks in here!"
Rachel froze. She forced herself to stay cool and sniff the air with a disgusted look, praying that nobody would connect it with her.
"Yeah, I noticed it, too," said someone else, and soon everyone was crinkling their noses. Rachel was mortified...the diapers had done an admirable job of keeping her stench contained, but nothing could conceal the bio-hazardous material she had sealed up in her pamper forever.
"Oh my God... it smells like a diaper pail!" Debbie said dramatically, covering her nose. Rachel sat there, trying to act as mystified and disgusted as everyone else, but the sensation of her messy diaper beneath her combined with the embarrassing conversation was driving her mad with horniness.
"What IS that?!" someone finally demanded. Rachel was sweating... should she just try to ride it out or should she admit that she was wearing a diaper the was loaded to the brim, positively drooping with poopy behind her. She bit her lip, near combustion with a combination of humiliation and unbearable arousal.
"Oh, you know what?" said Walter, "I think I might have stepped in dog doo on the way back from the pizza place."
The entire room groaned, and everyone climbed to their feet, desperate to escape. Rachel waited just a few extra seconds, until she was the last one in the room. Slowly, shakily, she climbed to her feet. "Ooo! Ah! Oh!" She gasped and squealed to herself as she felt the load in her diaper shifting beneath her. At last she was on her feet, vividly aware of the sticky mess all over her buttocks and up in her crack... and the matching warm, gooey sensation radiating from her pussy. Rachel was suddenly possessed by a nearly uncontrollable urge to rub herself through the front of the took several seconds of deep, shaky breathing to get control of herself. Clenching her fists tightly, she waddled out the door and into the hallway accompanied by the ever present crinkle of her pampers and the squishy load contained within.

Slowly, Rachel eased her way down the hallway, her poopy pamper squishing and mushing beneath her with every step. She wandered through the halls in a daze, forcing herself to smile weakly at the co-workers she bumped into on her way. Fortunately, it was 5:00, and everyone seemed more interested in getting home than in whatever she was doing.
At last, she arrived back at her office. She slipped inside and carefully locked the door behind her. She was desperate to get home, of course; was, in fact, practically dying to get out of this smelly, heavy pamper, climb into the shower, and forget this whole thing had ever happened. The fact that she had won, had in fact made it through an entire day at her new job in thick diapers barely even registered... there was nothing she wanted more right now than to get home and jump into the shower.
Well, almost nothing... There was just one last thing... something she knew she just had to take care of right away, before it got out of control and lead her into some fresh, embarrassing new hell.
She waddled across the floor to her desk, diaper crinkling and squishing the entire way. She eased her way around behind it and pulled out her chair. Taking a deep breath, she turned around, positioned herself carefully, and without any further delay, sat down heavily with an audible squish.
"Ahhhh!" she sighed contentedly, wriggling her tushy around in the mushy mess in her pampers. Before she knew what she was doing, she was already frantically rubbing her pussy through the front of her diaper. She reveled in the delightfully gooey sensations emanating from the seat of her pampers, even as she replayed the events of the day through her mind... all the close calls and near misses... the humiliating accidents... and the naughty thrill of coming so close to being caught...of having her dirty secret exposed to everyone at the office...
It didn't take long for her orgasm to violently overtake her.