Friday, 23 November 2012

Day One Act Four

We're Back!

The Master tossed Alice a roll of toilet paper. Cheeks blazing bright red, she tore off a wad and reached beneath herself to begin gingerly cleaning her delicate back passage.
     “Quite the performance,” the Master said smugly, “I’m sure the viewers at home loved it too!”
     Alice grimaced and blushed, radiating pure hate. The last thing she needed was to be reminded of the disgusting and degrading spectacle she’d made of herself, nor of the potentially millions of people who had just watched it.  She wanted nothing more than to punch this jerk in his self-satisfied face.
     But she knew there would be dire consequences if she even tried, so she swallowed her rage and continued wiping the sticky, gooey mess from her behind and stewing in her own anger and humiliation.
     Ironically, the other contestants watched her enviously. Shifting from foot to foot, trying to acclimate to the huge, heavy messes in their pants, they would have gladly endured Alice’s humiliation, and then some, to have spared themselves this indignity… especially Brittany, who was now sobbing at the thought of being incontinent. Lucy stiffly tried to comfort her, vividly aware of the mushy mess currently plastered over her own butt.
     “Well ladies, all in all a very successful evening, wouldn’t you say?”
     The contestants moaned or grunted in response, each one too busy wallowing in her own misery to muster up an answer. Alice had finished cleaning her rump and was now busy cleaning the smear she’d left on her leg. With a snap of the master’s fingers, the potty and the mess disappeared into thin air as quickly as it had appeared in the first place.
     “Now,” he continued, reveling in their embarrassment, “Ms. Stern, you need a fresh diaper, so you stay here while we get that ready for you.”
     Maggie sulked and pouted, but simply nodded sullenly in response. The messy mudslide in her diapers had effectively taken the fight out of her… for the moment anyway.
     “You too, Ms. Philips,” he said to the sobbing Brittany. “The rest of you are free to return to the living quarters for the evening… and might I suggest a shower, ladies? You’re beginning to smell a bit ‘off,’ if you know what I mean,” he chuckled, delighted with his own wit.
     Destiny, Lucy, and Alice took the opportunity without hesitation. A maid appeared to lead the way, and they shuffled off slowly behind her, trying to minimize the movement of their derrieres to avoid squishing the poopy loads any further.
     Once they were gone, the master reached into a nearby chest and removed a wide plastic mat, which he spread out on the floor. Making eye contact with Maggie, he pointed firmly to it without saying a word.
     For a moment she simply stared uncomprehendingly. Then, all at once, his intentions came clear to her, and she turned pale. She looked up into his face pleadingly, and knew that he was absolutely serious. This… this bastard intended to give her a dirty diaper change!
     “… But…” she began piteously, her voice high and whiney at the injustice of it.
     “Right now young lady,” he said sternly.
     Maggie pouted and whimpered and stamped her foot, but the master didn’t budge an inch. Reluctantly, she lowered herself to its plastic surface, nearly retching when she felt the load squishing under her now Kardashian-esque booty, spreading across her cheeks and oozing up her crack. She realized, with some small satisfaction, that the Master was going to have his work cut out for him getting her poopy tushy clean again. Watching him gather supplies from a cabinet, she spitefully planted her entire weight onto her rump and wriggled her cheeks in the muddy mess, squishing it around as much as possible. Part of her knew it was childish and pathetic, but she was desperate to maintain a certain level of defiance… she still had her principals, after all, poopy diapers or not.
     “OK,” he said, setting the supplies nearby and taking a spot between her legs, “let’s check the damage.”
     He undid the tapes and folded the front of the diaper down, whistling as the mess came into view. The load itself had been massive and mushy to begin with, but Maggie’s squishing and grinding had spread it all across her butt-cheeks and caked it thickly into the crack. The back panel of the diaper had been stained almost up to the waist band. “That’s a very big mess,” the Master chuckled, taking a wet wipe and diving right into the job of cleaning her up.
     Maggie blushed warmly. She’d tried to make the job as disgusting as possible… but this lunatic actually seemed to be enjoying himself.
     Then again, maybe it was just her embarrassment he was enjoying… Maggie pouted and blushed, her button nose twitching at the smell of her own poop. It did feel wonderful to get cleaned up, but the embarrassment of the entire situation—being cleaned up and diapered after an messy accident, and by a man to boot!—was just too much to endure. She was also vividly aware that the entire scene was being watched by Brittany, but Maggie knew she had problems of her own to worry about.
     “Oh what a messy baby,” the Master chided her, discarding another used wipe for a fresh one. “What a messy baby with a big, stinky bottom!” he chuckled, giving her butt-crack a firm wipe with the cool cloth, making her shiver and blush. It was a thoroughly degrading experience… all the more when she found herself becoming aroused. The militantly lesbian Margret was now forced to confront the alarming possibility it wasn’t just her body that the master had changed… either that, or she was actually aroused by getting a diaper change… she wasn’t sure which was worse.
     Finally, he had her poopy badonkadonk cleaned off, and it was time for the Vaseline. “Bottoms up!” he chuckled, hoisting Margret’s ankles into the air above her, drawing a squawk of shock and outrage. She fumed when he began working the gooey gel into her seat, coating each cheek thoroughly, and plastering her butt crack with it, her toes curling with humiliation when he thoroughly greased her butt-hole. And through it all, Maggie found herself more and more turned on.
     The powder came next… in her highly aroused daze, Maggie felt him patting it first into her rump, then lowering her legs to repeat the process on her front. The sensation was like nothing she’d ever experienced, tangling her insides into a knot of humiliation and arousal. She’d never felt so deliciously, delightfully feminine. The arousal was building and building inside her—she could feel herself coming up to an earth-shattering climax…
     The diaper was pulled tightly between her legs, thick and bulky, the heavy padding muting her pleasure like cotton in an ear. She gave an indignant squeal as she found herself diapered again. She gave the Master an outraged look.
     “There now… you’re all ready to go to bed!”
     “Now, young lady!” and with a snap of his fingers, she vanished.
     When she opened her eyes, Maggie was in a darkened room. Momentarily frightened and disoriented, she was blind until her eyes could adjust to the darkness. Feeling around her, she realized she was seated on a thick mattress, surrounded by soft pillows. She slowly stretched her hand out, quickly coming into contact with something solid. She touched it, put her fingers around it and ran them slowly down the entire length. Some kind of wooden bar, stretching from the base of the mattress and high above her—higher than she could stretch her arm from this seated position. There was a similar rail beside than one, and another and another…
     With a sinking heart, she realized where she was… her eyes adjusted to the dark, quickly confirming her suspicions… She’d been imprisoned in a giant crib! Outraged, Margret furiously punched the mattress. How dare they treat her like this?! Worse, she was still aroused from her diaper change. The physical arousal was still coursing through her, and the more she remembered her humiliation at the master’s hands, the stronger it became.
     Soon, she couldn’t contain it any longer… she reached down the front of her diapers and began to masturbate guiltily…
     Brittany squirmed under the Master’s gaze and that damn grin of his. “And last, but not least, we come to the very stinky Ms. Philips.”
     ‘Who’s he talking to?’ she wondered briefly, before remembering the audience at home. The realization just made her blush even harder.
     “First, let’s clear one thing up—although you no doubt don’t feel any difference, you’re now totally incontinent of both bowel and bladder.”
     “Oh God no!” she whined, breaking into sobs once more.
     “Oh yes!” he said, practically cackling with devilish delight, “and now you have a choice to make.”
     She looked up, sobbing and quivering. In his hand, he held a small, plastic square. She broke down once more when she realized it was a diaper. “No!” she cried, “please! I can’t wear that!”
     “I can’t make you, of course,” he replied, “but your housemates might not be too pleased with you leaving smelly puddles everywhere. So now you must choose:
     “You can go without diapers and instantly become the least popular girl in the house. Or, you can wear the diapers—but you will be unable to change yourself, and will be dependent on others to do it for you.”
     She cried even harder. This just wasn’t fair! “Please! I can’t wear diapers, I just can’t! I…” She trailed off, feeling a strange, warm tickling feeling below her waistband. She looked down and gasped at the large wet patch growing on the crotch of her shorts. She was wetting her pants!
     She grunted and moaned and sobbed, trying to clench up and re-gain some control, but it was no use, and Brittany could only stand there pissing down her legs until she was finished.
     She looked over to the master, who stood in front of the plastic mat expectantly. Inside Brittany was at war with herself—could she really allow herself to be put back in diapers? And go around begging changes from people? The thought was too awful to contemplate! Then again, did she really have another choice? He’d said she could fix herself if she got won another challenge… and if she alienated the other players by leaving “puddles,” she might not be around long enough to do that. She had to go along.
     Brittany forced herself to lie on the mat, whimpering as the mess squished beneath her. She lay back and tried not to squirm as he pealed her shorts and undies off, depositing them into the nearby trash. Brittany couldn’t help but think he was throwing away a piece of herself with them.
     She forced herself to lie still as he wiped her clean with the cool cloth, which she reluctantly admitted felt much better. She blushed when he lifted her legs to powder her tushy, realizing she must look just like one of the kids at daycare—and on national TV, too! It was by far the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to her.
     Before she knew it, the Master had her sealed in tightly. Brittany stood, looking down at herself in dismay… the diaper was huge and bulky and could surely contain any accidents she may have. But it crinkled loudly, made her butt stick out behind her, and was way too big to fit under any of her clothes. It was, in other words, totally infantile, and Brittany realized how ridiculous she must have looked, even before she caught sight of herself in the mirror. She looked like a beautiful, modern 23 year old woman… Except that down below her waist, she was wearing a massive, puffy diaper… one that looked exactly like something a baby in her daycare would wear.
     “Now off you go, young lady,” the Master said, delivering a hard swat to the beautiful blonde’s heavily padded rump, sending her running from the room, diapers crinkling loudly behind her. He watched her go, a broad grin on his face… And the best part was… this was just the beginning. He could hardly wait to see what tomorrow would bring.
Tune in next time for more spankings, more messy hi-jinks… and for our first vote, where you, the audience, decide who goes on and who leaves the show to begin her new life.


  1. Poor Brittany ...
    But after all, she was the loser,
    so everything is fair.
    Would like to see all this really on TV.
    Marget is very hot too.
    Waiting for day 2 impatiently

  2. @NettingTheBigOne

    For anyone who wasn't watching:
    Destiny got spanked,
    Margret got babied,
    and Brittany got diapered.

    Odd TV show, though I'm not one to complain! Reality TV 4 lyfe! #humblegames #golucy #goalice

  3. I feel bad for Brittany. I've been rooting for her. Her only flaw was that she didn't like changing poopy diapers, and really, who does? (Other than the Game Master of course.)


  4. I love how a militant feminist who is all about control, gets lowered to that of a child and her libido goes into overdrive. Those who like control, sometimes are craving domination and don't know it.
    I feel for Brittany also, if she is still incontinent after this, I would love to play caretaker and treat her like the babygirl she has become. GameMaster, I promise to be caring and a strong person to Brittany if she is booted from the show. Hope I can help in any way to be of service to these trying times for our contestants.

  5. Personaly I like to see Lucy win the whole thing. I am sucker for the all good type characters

  6. "The next chapter will be posted soon"
    *21 days later*

  7. Yes, please GameMaster, please give us some more installments of this great game. I check everyday for more. I'm sad to see no content to read. Can't wait for more.

  8. found this thread through another site would love to read more and see this continued... please keep writing :D

    1. Yeah I'd love to see more as well

  9. Umm hi you guys. First of all, any who are supporting me, thanks. Think it's important to say thank you. Secondly, and... this needs to be said, is that although the Game Master writes the main... storyline, each of the characters are different people who need to respond to him and then he has to collaborate their answers into a coherent storyline. That's why it takes so long...
    Okay, umm, thought it needed to be said. Bye.

  10. The apocalypse did happen.. To the future of this blog

  11. Love your work. Hope your enjoying the holidays!

  12. This is, as usual of you work, absolutely wonderful!

  13. Happy New year!

    I love your work. I'm sure your busy but I can't wait for more.

    Thanks again,


  14. alice won this round but what about the next one?