Saturday, 23 February 2013

Day Two Act Three

(This is taking kind of a long time, so I'm going to post kind of a short installment, then (hopefully) another short one to finish it off in just a couple of days.)

We're Back!

Alice spent the rest of the morning in her room, sulking.
          After her tantrum had died down, she’d taken a painkiller, then, with a groan, eased herself down to the cool bedspread and stretched out on her stomach, her roasted rump stuck up in the air behind her, and settled into a pout. As bad as the spanking was, it was the sheer indignity that was making her blood boil. The physical pain would soon fade— nursing her wounded pride back to full health would be a significantly longer process. She swore to herself then and there that she would seek revenge on all of them—Margret and Brittany for laughing, and that obnoxious Lucy just because her little-miss-innocent act was starting to get on her nerves. She reserved her full ire for Destiny, and especially The Master—One way or another, she vowed, pouting and rubbing lotion into her sore, spanked bottom, she was going to get even with them!
     In Destiny’s case, it was just a matter of biding her time; these type of competitions were always giving contestants the chance to push each other under the bus; the trick would be keeping her eyes open to make sure Destiny didn’t get the opportunity first—if she didn’t perceive Alice as a potential threat now, after what she did, she must be completely stupid.
     The Master, however, would require some finesse… there was little she could do to him on his home turf (more to the point, there seemed to be few things he COULDN’T do to her). But out there, in the real world, it was a different story. Once I’m out of this house and away from that creep’s reach, she promised herself, I’m gonna put the squeeze on him with everything I’ve got!
     She smiled coldly at the thought—picturing the Master destitute, kicked out of his twisted, earthly paradise and into the cold, cruel world seemed to sooth her red, burning butt-cheeks.
     It was after noon when the phone on the bedside table began to ring. Alice snatched it from its cradle.
     “WHAT?!” she snapped. Whatever stupid activity they had planned for the contestants, Alice had decided they would be doing it without here. She needed time to sooth her roasted rump—after all, as the most popular contestant, she owed it to her fans to only allow them to see her at her very best.
     “The competitors are gathering in the garden for the Easter egg hunt, ma’am,” the voice on the other end said brightly.
     Easter egg hunt? “Sick bastard…” she whispered under her breath before assuming her sternest tone of voice. “I’m afraid you’ll have to inform the >snort< ‘Master’ that I won’t be joining his silly little games this afternoon: My delicate tushy is still far too tender to…”
     A literal blink of an eye—that was all it took. One moment she was on the phone in her room… she took a moment to blink, and suddenly, here she was in the garden with the other contestants, that smirking, sleazy bastard grinning at her.
     “…Even consider participating…” she continued, trailing off when she realized she wasn’t talking on the phone anymore. The son of a bitch had teleported her down here. Trying to shake off the disorientation, she glared at everyone as they stared at her, smirking vaguely.
     “Well?” she demanded hotly, “what are you all staring at?”
     There came a handful of giggles. The breeze on her skin was quite chilly… with a slow, dawning realization, she reluctantly looked down at herself to confirm what she’d suspected: The bastard had materialized her without clothes—she’d been standing there, naked, her recently spanked bottom, still tingling and burning, shining bright red in the afternoon sun!
     “Oh my God!” she shrieked, rushing to cover herself with her hands once more. “You… you FUCKER!” she finally managed, ears burning when she heard the other players giggling at her.
     “You’re the one who was lounging around without any clothes on,” the Master said simply. “Next time I tell you to get down here for a meeting you better get your butt in gear.”
     Alice clamped her mouth shut, not wanting to give him another chance to punish her—she’d bide her time a little, then give this asshole a taste of his own medicine once she was back where she belonged.
     “As I was saying,” he continued, “I’ve hidden three chocolate eggs somewhere in the house. One egg grants a wish, the other two—well, let’s just say they come with slightly less desirable ‘prizes,’” he chuckled. “The hunt will go on until all three eggs have been found and consumed. Any questions?”
     They scowled at him, drawing a jolly chuckle in response.
     “Wonderful! Let’s make sure you look the part…”
     He raised his right arm and snapped—suddenly, each girl found themselves in an adorable parody of a little girl’s fancy dress—the kind of thing a three year old would wear to Easter dinner with her grandparents! The dresses were adorable smocks in soft pinks, blues and yellows, with high, puffy hemlines that amply revealed the seats of their translucent white tights. Margret and Brittany’s diapers bulged out from beneath obscenely… there was absolutely no way they’d be able to conceal they’re pampered conditions in these dresses! Destiny, Alice, and Lucy found themselves in cute, white cotton underpants, each bearing tiny rows of darling hearts, ducks, or ladybugs all over them.
     Lastly, on their heads each wore a sweet, frilly little bonnet, the kind little girls wore to protect them from the sun! Studying herself and the other competitors, Alice almost would have preferred staying naked.
     Destiny looked down at herself in surprise as she suddenly found herself dressed like a six year old, at most. It was humiliating, no doubt about it, but she had to admit she was glad not to be Brittany or Margaret, with their diapers peeking out from beneath their frilly skirts. She was pretty sure that was the only way this could be worse. It was just so ridiculous - five grown women, dressed like children, being forced to run around on an Easter egg hunt... But that didn't mean she wasn't going to do it. She had no real choice, but even if she did, that wish was still out there. At the very least, it would get her out of here, maybe while making her famous at the same time.
      She happened to catch Alice's eye, then quickly turned away. The woman was clearly not happy with her. Couldn't Alice see she hadn't had any choice?! If she should be mad at anyone, it should be the Master! Destiny almost started to get mad at Alice for how unfair she was being, but she supposed she couldn't really blame her too much. She wanted to try to explain - and maybe even apologize if she had to, even though she didn't think she'd done anything wrong - so she started to follow the woman. 
     “On your marks,” the Master said with a smile. “Get set… Go!”
     The women fanned out (Margret and Brittany at a slow waddle). Lucy noticed Brittany sort of lingering around her. Because she wants a friend, Lucy wondered, or because she wants to be nearby in case of another diaper change? She couldn’t be sure, but it was awkward with her just following her around, so she waved the girl over. “C’mon,” she said encouragingly, “let’s find those eggs!”
     Smiling brightly, Brittany waddled over to her, and they went off to search the grounds together.

     Maggie, toddled around the garden as quickly as her diaper would allow, her dress and her new hair bouncing with every step she took. She tried not to think how infantile she looked—how thoroughly she’d been regressed from a capable, modern woman to a helpless little girl… a joke in the eyes of society! She was desperate to win the wish… to escape her humiliating condition. She tried to imagine how good it would feel to get back into a pair of cotton briefs and a pantsuit again. She became slightly fearful when she realized she’d forgotten what it felt like to wear them after just a single night in diapers.
     Deciding that the backyard was too busy, she decided to take a chance and search around the side of the house. She waddled over as quickly as her diapers would allow, muttering under her breath. The grounds were huge-- it was probably going to take them all day to find just one stupid egg!
     Something caught her eye—there, near a large rock on the other side of the path, she caught sight of something glinting in the sun. She made her way over, unable to believe her luck—she’d found one of them! She looked at it warily—one wish and three prizes, and judging by the Master’s description, the other two “prizes” probably weren’t anything you’d actually want. It was a risky gamble—but what choice did she have? Summoning her courage, she unwrapped the foil and ate the egg, savoring the rich, creamy milk chocolate.
     “Well well,” the Master’s voice came from behind her, “it looks like we’ve got a winner!”
     “I won?!” Margret nearly burst into tears of joy. “Does this mean I can get back to normal?”
     “Not exactly,” he said, and Margret felt her blood run cold when he smiled. “I’m afraid you didn’t find the wish… but I do have something that I think you’re going to enjoy…”
     With a snap of his fingers, the world shifted and blurred for a moment, and Maggie was overcome by the sensation that she was falling. And then, as suddenly as it began, it stopped, and she found herself standing in a medical office. She was still dizzy from the trip, and she leaned against the examining table to steady herself.
     The door swung open—Maggie’s heart skipped a beat when the most drop-dead gorgeous nurse she’d ever seen entered the room. With her ample bosom revealed by a plunging neckline, she strutted over on six inch heels like a professional model. She was, Maggie quickly realized, the epitome of the sexy nurse fantasy—her tight, skimpy dress barely came down below her crotch, and a white hat with a bright red cross on the front was perched immaculately on top of her flowing, golden locks. She was a sexist daydream come to life…
     …And Maggie couldn’t stop herself from staring. She knew it was the perfect example of objectification… presenting a woman as a sexual toy instead of a real person working an important job, but she simply couldn’t help herself—every glimpse of The Nurse’s long legs or smooth cleavage was making her heart beat a little faster… and her pussy a little more moist.
     “Awww… aren’t you a little cutie!” the nurse gushed, reaching down to pinch Maggie’s cheek. “I’m Nurse Mandy… what’s your name, honey?”
     “M-m-Margret,” she finally managed shyly, trying vainly to tug the hem of her dress down below the seat of her bulging diapers, suddenly self conscious. Being seen like this in front of an ultra-sexy woman like Nurse Mandy made Maggie boil with embarrassment. How could she ever seduce such a beautiful woman while she was dressed like this?
     “That’s a pretty name! Now Maggie—your Daddy has brought you here today for a check-up. I know it can be a little intimidating, but I want you to relax… Nurse Mandy knows exactly what she’s doing.”
     Margret’s flash of anger at having the master referred to as her “daddy” was quickly replaced by a nervous apprehension—what, exactly, did the outrageously sexy Nurse Mandy have in store for her?
     The master turned and walked to the door. “Be good for the nurse, precious,” he said, “she only has your best interest at heart.”
     And with that, he was gone, leaving Maggie alone with Nurse Mandy (and millions of viewers at home, she reminded herself grimly).
     The Nurse strolled over slowly and seductively. “How’re you feeling, sweetie?” she asked, her voice lilting and sweet in Margret’s ears, each word a sugary promise of paradise. Nurse Mandy strolled across the floor slowly, her hips swaying with each step. Maggie gulped, nervous and embarrassed and terribly, tremendously aroused.
     Nurse Mandy stood in front of her—she was naturally quite tall, and in her heels she towered over the petite Margret, who found herself trembling, overcome by a powerful combination of fear and arousal. “Don’t be nervous, sweetie,” she smiled—Maggie felt her diaper growing damp.
     “You look a little flush, honey,” Mandy said sweetly. “Do you have a fever?”
      She reached out and placed a cool, smooth hand against Maggie’s forehead. Her knees trembled beneath her, and as the nurse bent down to place her cool palm against Maggie’s forehead, revealing her ample cleavage in her skimpy white uniform, Maggie began to involuntarily wet her diapers, the cotton between her thighs growing warm, wet, and heavy.
     “Oh sweetheart!” Nurse Mandy declared, “You’re so warm!” Trailing her finger down Maggie’s cheek and beneath her chin, Mandy tilted her head back to look into her eyes. “We’re going to have to take your temperature…”
     “O-o-OK,” she said softly. She felt so helpless before this Amazonian beauty… like a little girl desperate to please her.
     “Let’s get these clothes off,” the Nurse declared firmly. With nimble, slender fingers, she began undoing buttons and sliding zippers down. Part of Maggie was crying out that this was all wrong, that she had to stop this… but all she could do was stand by trembling, until the nurse had her stripped down to her massively bulky diapers, which Maggie absurdly tried to hide with her hands. “Are you trying to hide your little diapee from me?” she asked with a chuckle, making Maggie turn crimson with embarrassment. “You don’t have to hide that from Nursey,” Mandy said sweetly, firmly pushing her hands away. Margret tried to think of an argument, but could only stand by stammering as Mandy deftly stripped het of her diaper, leaving her nude. “Oh dear! I can see we had a little accident!” Mandy said, her mock surprise making Maggie squirm.
     “Hop up on the table, babykins,” Nurse Mandy said, helping the naked and quivering Maggie up onto its padded surface. Margret stretched out nervously, bottoms up, her silky skin peppered with goose bumps—she breathed deeply, trying to steady her palpitating heart.
     There was an ominous snapping behind her. Maggie peeked over her shoulder, nearly fainting when she saw Nurse Mandy brandishing a large thermometer between latex wrapped fingers…

We'll be back after these important messages!


  1. Yay! An update! Eagerly awaiting the continuation :)

  2. Well worth the wait. Looking forward to more of the hunt and the wish egg.

  3. At least everyone is fixated on someone else’s misery now...

    1. I dunno, yours was still pretty funny... And totally not my fault!

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  6. @NettingTheBigOne

    #ADORBZ Look at those dresses. Well, I wouldn't want to find myself in one, but they're cute on you guys!

    1. It's what I'm saying. I'm not exactly going to be going around the shops wearing it, but as a cute little outfit, it's bearable.

    2. You wouldn't go shopping in it, but you're okay with wearing it on national TV?

    3. I don't exactly have a choice in the matter do I? At least it's not nudity.