Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Before And After

Today I'm pleased to introduce a new feature here at The Humble Games online outpost-- call it profiles in naughtiness:

Rich Snob
Name: Kaitlin Lane-Pryce

Occupation: Heiress to the Lane shipping and logging empire.

Birth Date: Mar. 21 1987

Birth Place: Palisades, New York, USA

Nominated For: Arrogance, narcissism, and greed.

This blonde socialite sailed through our competition as easily as she moved through every other aspect of her life. Born into one of the richest families in America and sole beneficiary of it's vast fortune, it was pure greed that lead her to the Humble Games-- the desire to have something she couldn't buy with her vast fortune. She made it to the winner's circle without suffering an unbearable amount of humiliation... her wish?

     "I want the perfect husband-- one who's truly worthy of me and my top quality genetics. He should be strong and handsome and spoil me like a princess! A guy who gives me the level of attention I deserve!"

"Just as I suspected," he said, dispassionately touching the sodden cloth between her thighs, "soaked again! I swear, you're as bad as a two year old, Katie." 

     Pouting and sulking, she diverted her gaze to the floor to avoid his piercing stare. She felt him take a gentle, firm grip on her chin and tilt it back until their eyes were locked, and this time there was no escaping their icy stare. She squirmed from foot to foot; just when she thought her situation-- standing in front of her sexy dominant husband in nothing but a diaper-- could possibly be more humiliating, he could still manage to find a way to make her feel even more exposed... to make her shame sharper and more defined.

     She knew she should tell him to go to hell-- to boldly reassert the independence due to her as a modern woman. She was rich an powerful and certainly didn't need his shit. But when she looked into his eyes, all she could do was mutter a weak, pathetic "Sorry daddy."

     '"It's OK, darling," he assured her condescendingly, "You're still a helpless little baby... It's not your fault." She fumed and blushed, angry and humiliated when she heard his assessment of her. "But... I'm still going to have to punish you," he said, tapping his thigh with a hairbrush.

     "Oh, please no daddy," she whined and mewled pitifully, blushing hotly as tears began spilling from her eyes.

     "Hush," he said patiently, delivering a stinging swat to her pampered backside. "You know you have this coming... I want you over my knee right now young lady!"


Name: Faith Skye

Occupation: Singer/songwriter
Birth Date: Oct. 14 1988

Birth Place: Santa Barbra, California, USA

Nominated For: Preening self-importance, an over-inflated estimation of her talents, not to mention a myriad of brushes with the law and general public naughtiness.

People often ask me how I manage to get women who seemingly have everything to participate in a contest where losing their dignity is the best case scenario. It's simple; you just have to appeal to their vanity-- after all, nobody comes on a show like this EXPECTING to lose.

     And in the case of international Pop Sensation Faith Skye, she had good reason to believe in herself-- one of the few winners of the American Hit-Maker competition to actually succeed outside the contest, she fancied herself an expert at reality TV game shows. Too bad-- if she'd known The Humble Games were more about luck than skill, she might have decided to give us a pass.

     And believe me when I say that in our entire history, we'd rarely had a contestant as unlucky as Ms. Skye; arriving late on the first day, she found herself spanked with a speed rivaled only by current contestant Destiny Starr. On day two she lost a competition and  wound up a laughing stock in adorably ridiculous little girl frills with a massive, bulging diaper beneath. Which worked out well, because on the third day, she was caught cheating and rendered incontinent (much to her squealing dismay). And on the fourth day she was voted out.

     And what became of poor Faith, now incontinent of both bladder and bowel, confined to diapers and baby clothes? Well, since touring and recording were out of the question, we had to find someone to care for the little urchin...

"OW! MOM!" Faith whined, her stern mother landing another stinging spank on her bare rump. She struggled, trying to kick free, but the thick diaper her mother had tugged down over her squirming bottom was tangled around her thighs, restricting her movements. Her tushy could only jiggle defenselessly in anticipation of another painful swat.

     SPLAT! "OW! SSSSS!" Faith hissed, sucking air sharply through her teeth, another firm, open handed blow from her mom's hand making her plump buns ripple like a pond struck by a stone. "Mom, please! OW! It's not fair!"

     "You hush, little girl," her mother scolded, stepping up the tempo and turning her grown daughter's rump an angry red. "You know you deserve this! Not only for being so naughty at tea time this afternoon," she began, making Faith blush as she remembered being trotted out and put on display for her mother's cackling friends in her diapers and frilliest little girl dress, "but for all the worry you've caused me over the past few years! Do you have any idea how it broke my heart to see you dancing around like a slut on TV night after night?!"

     SMACK! "OW! Mom, I'm sorry! Ouch!" Faith pleaded and sobbed, hoping to get her mother to release her. 

     "And those tours!" her mom continued, spanking her world-famous daughter like a naughty child. "Young lady, just because you're playing to a sold-out crowd in Rome doesn't mean you don't have to check in with your mother-- I was worried sick!"

     WHAP!  "OWIE! I really sorrrryyy mommieeee!" she wailed, bursting into tears.

     "Thank goodness for that nice Game Master," her mother continued, walloping her daughter's backside in spite of her tears and pleading. "I'm going to keep you diapered and in a playpen, young lady, until you can prove to me you're responsible enough to be on your own again!"

     "WWWWAAAAAAHHHAAAAAAHHHAAAAA!" Faith bellowed, pounding the floor and kicking her legs as fast as the diaper around her knees would allow, frantically trying to calculate how long it would take her to earn her way back into her mother's good graces again.

Name: Naomi Mader

Occupation: Marketing/advertising
Birth Date: Jun.14 1985

Birth Place:  Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Nominated For: Aggravated bratting, third degree trouble making, and general obnoxiousness.

Normally, contestants in the Humble Games are nominated by a person they have wronged, annoyed, or otherwise run a fowl of. Maybe it's a sibling nominating a bratty sister, or a disgruntled employee nominating an overbearing boss, or sometimes it's a student nominating that teacher who just keeps making their lives hell. Naomi's was actually a group nomination, compiled by her sisters and including exhaustive testimony from family and friends. They compiled a mountain of evidence detailing a lifetime of bratting, teasing, pranking, stealing and tattling. 

     Which would have been bad enough coming from a little girl, but Naomi carried her penchant for causing trouble well into adult hood. She'd pull childish pranks on family and co-workers alike, cause tension between friend and start scurrilous rumors.

     When confronted with the application, I really had no choice. Naomi promised to be the naughtiest played we'd had in over a hundred years and there was no way I was going to turn down the opportunity to teach the little brat a lesson she wouldn't soon forget.

     In the end, it wasn't even a challenge: losing a competition the first night she was reduced, kicking and screaming, to the level of an adult baby. Like all brats, she was a sore loser, and so on the second day, she endeavored to pull a childish prank on me, little realizing that she was dealing with the master of mischief. I paddled her bottom soundly, grinning to the sounds of her caterwauling and complaining, but it wasn't enough. An example had to be made-- one that would let the contestants know once and for all the penalty for challenging my authority...


"Oh Naomi," her younger sister laughed, watching her squealing, diapered sibling upend the bowl of pudding and plop it on top of her head like a crown, the remnants of the pudding within-- that which hadn't already been dribbled down her chin and onto her bib-- began slowly oozing down her forehead and around the sides of her head, dribbling down her long blonde tassels and and around her ears. "Just look at you!" Kelly laughed in faux anger, hands on hips. "You're a disaster!"

     Naomi just giggled mischievously-- even robbed of her adult memories and reduced to an adult toddler, she still maintained her naughty side. She seemed to delight in creating messes for her mother and her younger sisters to clean up. Since the night she had turned up on her mother's doorstep, babbling, a line of drool dribbling down her chin, she'd been under her family's care. No doctor could adequately explain her current state, let alone offer a cure. So it was up to her loving family to keep her clean and fed-- and she repaid them by drawing on the walls and throwing food on the floor.

     "Honestly, honey," Kelly continued, "I don't think you could be any messier if you tried!"

     Naomi grinned impishly... somewhere, beneath it all, she'd not only understood Kelly's statement, she'd taken it as a challenge. I'll show you messy, she thought with a wicked grin. With a full, satisfied belly it would probably take just a little push...

     She leaned over to one side as far as the try of the high-chair would allow. "Uhhh..." Naomi began softly grunting to herself, clutching the table with white knuckles and straining as hard as she could.

     "Naomi?" Kelly asked when she heard her sister grunting softly to herself. "You OK?"

     Naomi grunted out a large, gassy fart in response; Kelly gaped open mouthed as Naomi began to deposit a large, nasty load into the seat of her diapers. "Oh Naomi," she groaned, exasperated, watching her older sister begin filling her diapers. "Are you really going to do that now? Here?"

     She responded with a grunt-- a thick, muddy squelching sound emerged from inside her diaper, loud gas vibrating the padded seat of her diaper. "Goodness!" Kelly tittered, her big baby sister straining as hard as she could to fill her diaper. Noisy, wet farts were emanating from her diaper, accompanied by extended mushing and squishing noises. The hot, mushy mess was pouring from between her cheeks, sloping and blurping into every nook and cranny, slathering each cheek and filling her butt-crack, even as the seat continued to balloon out behind her. 

     The mess slowed to a stop. Spitefully, Naomi bore down and pushed as hard as she could-- she wanted this diaper to be as messy as possible. "HHHHuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh...." She grunted, her face beginning to turn red.

     "Oh Naomi!" Kelly giggled, exasperated as her sister's grunting was rewarded with a massive fart, followed by another hot, mushy avalanche into the seat of her diaper.

     But Naomi wasn't listening. "AAAAHHHHH!" she exclaimed, the relief in her belly almost indescribable. She sat back in her char with an audible squish, giggling at the feeling of the muddy mess spreading out across her entire backside.

     "You little stinker!" Kelly chided in mock outrage. "What are we going to do with you?! Hmmm? What are we going to do with that stinky bottom of yours?"

     Naomi just laughed mischievously, planting her full weight on her rump and squirming her tushy back and forth in the stinky, sloppy mess, giggling maliciously as she imagined poor Kelly having to clean her up.

     "C'mon you little shit machine," Kelly said wearily, sliding the tray from the high-chair. "Let's get you cleaned up, and then I think it might be time for a nap!"


  1. *giggles* But what bouts people who want to be babies but behave? They never get their wish :(

    1. I do charitable work with willing babies on my off days-- I may write about it at some point...

    2. So, when's the next episode out?

    3. I would love to hear about your charitable work with willing babies. I hope you choose to write about it.

  2. Loved the stories of Faith and Kaitlin, enjoyed their comeuppance.

  3. Have you ever had a contestant before me who wasn't totally pathetic?

    1. Well, we can't count you, so the answer will have to remain no.

  4. I love your work, can't wait for more!

  5. Please update the story!

  6. Update please

  7. Please update!!!

  8. How's the next part coming along?

  9. Please continue the story.

  10. Well Brother, I finally got to watch all the episodes of your show so far today. Great work, better than working in the furnaces, if you take my meaning. Many souls are misguided into thinking Miss Lucy to be so innocent. She did willfully and with knowledge of her sister's crimes, pretend to be her, thereby denying her sister from getting her just deserts. The not so innocent Miss Lucy is guilty of perjury.Love the Show, keep up the good work.
    Uncle Al 666
    PS: Dad wants to know if your coming to dinner this Devil's Night? It should be a Hell of a good time!

    1. Perjury? But... I mean, I was trying to stop my sister from getting in trouble...

    2. Lucy, The road to Home is paved with good intentions. You seem to be an expert in road construction.

    3. But I... you... you're right. I'm sorry.

  11. Have you forgotten about this blog?

  12. I hope Margret gets adopted by that lovely nurse, if that were the possible fate awaiting her when she gets voted off, then I vote for her to leave.
    I hate Alice and think her only getting a spanking is sooo not fair.
    Destiny has a long way to go, she is not showing any change in her mindset, so there is no sympathy for her here.
    I think Brittany is beginning to change. She may even be showing signs of wanting to repent. Therefore I am rooting for her.
    I am also rooting for Lucy. Even though I see her as not so innocent, I still like her and hope she wins.
    My favorite part of the show(apart from Margret and the nurse, which was Hotttt!), is when Lucy took Brittany's hand to help find the eggs. They looked so cute, like an older sister helping mommy with her baby sister. Absolutely adorable! It would be wonderful if Lucy ended up being Brittany's mommy when this is over. Since Brittany is showing signs of changing her ways, she deserves a mommy like Lucy. Come on girls, I am rooting for the two of you.

    1. Umm wow, thank you. Very insightful, but I unfortunately have no intention of being a full time mommy.

    2. Of course you do not want to be a mommy Lucy, that is what makes it a fitting punishment. You don't have to be Fellini to see which way the wind is blowing, or perhaps you might prefer to be her slightly older sister who is in preschool? You may also want to consider helping Brittany. You can't really see her going back to the people who raised her into such a brat can you? When you could raise her the right way with compassion and setting an example of good manners, with you as her mommy she might have a chance to grow up and be a productive member of society. You would not only be affecting the life of Brittany, but the lives of everyone Brittany will come in contact with when she grows up....You would be making the world a better place.

    3. What if it all went wrong though? As you said, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions... I'll be trying to help Brittany, but I can't promise a thing.

  13. Spoken like a real expectant mother. It is the doubt of your abilities that will make you a great mom. There is something that you need to know, Mommies are given special consideration to the "Good Intentions" rule, as long as you make sure that they are punished for any misbehavior. Besides you already said that you had no intention of being a full time mommy, but I know that if you were put in that position, you would make the best of it. Your doubts about things going wrong are not weakness, they are really strengths. Your doubts will make you think about what possible options there are for any situation that arises. The worst mothers are the over confident ones who think they know it all and never think they could ever be wrong. You have already proven in your posts that you are willing to not only consider that you have made a mistake but are also willing to accept responsibility for them and try not to make the same error again. THAT is what would make you a very good mom, if you could learn a little bit of "Tough Love", then you would be a Great Mommy.
    The "Game Master" will do as he sees fit, but it is just my opinion that, with Brittany showing signs of change, it would be sad for her to go back to those horrid people that raised her in the first place, especially when there is someone of your quality that could help her to would be good for the both of you, she would get the love she so desperately needs and you would learn the real strength that is waiting inside of you. Don't take my word for it, the next time you change her ask her about her home life and trust your gut as to whether or not she is being truthful about it. If she cries, hold her and rock her, stroke her hair, then you will know the truth about what I am telling you.
    By the way, why aren't the other girls posting? With the broadcast of the game being so delayed, it would be nice to hear from them too.

  14. Any chance of getting an update on when the next part is coming? Or at least how far you are through it? :'(

  15. Britney, if you ever need a babysitter, I'm here for you and Margret. also Alice, I'm thinking of buying controlling interest in your company while your gone, any thoughts?

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  17. are these real folks . is this a real show? what stadiom is it at ?