Saturday, 4 January 2014

Day Three Act Two

      Destiny wriggled nervously in her patent leather Mary-Janes, trying to ignore the throngs of people ogling their little group from afar. Even at the height of her show's fame, she'd never felt more popular... And she had never hoped more that she wouldn't be recognized. She knew that she looked ridiculous - the maids had tied her hair into pigtails and then put her into a pink bib-front jumper dress lined in white lace, short enough to leave a good portion of her bulging diaper exposed, a short-sleeved, peter-pan collared white shirt beneath that, and mismatched pink and yellow lace-topped ankle socks under her black Mary-Janes, not to mention the stupid pacifier clipped to the front of her dress - but if somebody did happen to see her and realize who she was, she would be acting even more ridiculous than that. 
     Destiny wouldn't stay like this for longer than she had to. She couldn't. Anyone who tuned into this show would see her like this, sure, but if she had to, she'd tell people it was all a big practical joke, or a lookalike, or something... But she couldn't do that if she had to wear diapers all the time, which meant she couldn't lose this challenge. And if that meant she had to put up with poopy Brittany, then so be it. They'd just have to hurry so the big baby didn't have any accidents and fill both of their pants.
     “Here are your lists players,” said the master. “I think you’ll find the level of difficulty rangers from easy to—advanced,” he said, smiling ominously. “Here are your lists and credit cards,” he said, handing an envelope to Lucy and Brittany (which Destiny quickly snatched away.)  “The clock is ticking ladies,” he said with a smile, turning and exiting through the front doors.
     The envelopes were torn open… Destiny quickly pocketed the Master Card. Not knowing exactly what to expect, she tentatively lifted the list to see what they were looking for first: A book by Dr. Seuss. "That's not too bad," she mused. "Come on, to the bookstore!"
     "Come on," she hissed, grabbing Brittany's hand and pulling her away from their little group. She still wasn't used to the bulk of the diaper between her legs, rustling softly with every step, so she couldn't quite run, but she waddled as quickly as she could manage, dragging the other girl behind her. "Can't you go any faster?" she fumed. "Do you want us to lose?" She knew she really should be nicer to her, but it seemed like Brittany should really be more used to walking in diapers by now. 
     She tried to pick up the pace even more as they began having to navigate around and through the crowds of people clogging the mall, keeping her head down and praying she wasn't stopped by an old fan. She wasn't sure how far the mental regression the Master had mentioned would last, or if it would prevent them from remembering their mission, but she did know that it was bound to slow them down a little and she wasn't about to stand for that. Still, it was a bit disheartening that, even when she was the center of attention - or so she assumed, considering all the jeers and laughter being aimed her way - none of the many people packed between her and her destination seemed to know who she was. She told herself that they just couldn't believe that it -could- be her, and that hopefully it would stay that way, but it still deflated her pride just a bit.
     Finally, they made it to the Barnes and Noble, where Destiny had to pause for a moment. "Which way is the kids' section?" she wondered out loud. To be honest, she mostly only went to Barnes and Noble for the Starbucks, and if she wandered over to the book section, it was to find a present for someone else. Even then, she usually didn't bother looking herself, just waiting until she spotted a worker and making them go get it for her.
     "They're in the back," Brittany rolled her eyes, taking lead for once as she guided Destiny through the store. Destiny had never been this far into the store before, and she was a bit surprised to see how large the kid's section was, and how ornate compared to the rest of the store. There were nice, comfy looking armchairs in a few spots throughout the rest of the store, but here there were brightly covered tables and chairs all around, puzzles and trains and other toys spread out on them for kids to play with, and hopefully talk their parents into buying. 
     "All right, then," Destiny said, "Now where are the Dr. Seuss books?" 

     Brittany didn't have such a clear answer to that, so the two decided to split up and start looking. Destiny quickly remembered why she didn't bother looking for books on her own - there were just so many packed onto the shelves that the titles all began to run together before long, and it was even worse here, where the books were so much smaller and thinner than in most of the rest of the store. She didn't see any workers around to do it for her, either, though when she looked around she did notice how many stares she and Brittany were receiving from the kids and their parents, which only made her want to move more quickly.
     When she tried to do so, however, she ran right into a little boy, the bulk between her legs throwing off her balance and making her fall onto her thickly padded backside, arms flailing, while the kid managed to steady himself. The fall didn't hurt, thanks to the diaper, but that didn't stop her from snapping at the boy, "Watch where you're going!"
     "I was just standing here," the kid said defensively before obviously looking at her diaper while she scrambled to her feet. He ran off without apologizing, which left Destiny fuming as she resumed her search, until he returned a moment later with a slightly younger girl in tow. "See?" he said to the girl. "She's still in diapers, just like you were."
     Destiny spun around to glare at the two, furious to see that the new arrival looked to be no more than three or four, clutching a book to her chest as she stared at Destiny. "I am not like you!" Destiny insisted. "I am a grown woman, and I don't need these stupid things!"
     "But you're wearing them," the boy pointed out.
     "Yeah, and I don't need them no more!" the girl added, looking rather proud of herself.
     "Well, I haven't needed them in... in... longer than you've been alive!" Destiny fumed. 
     "Why are you wearing them?" the little girl asked.
     "You wouldn't understand," Destiny glowered.
     "You look like one of my dolls," the girl observed.
     Destiny was really starting to get annoyed with this delay. "Would you two buzz off? Go bother someone else! I am very busy, and..." It was only then that she noticed the author's name on the book the girl was holding. "Hey, where did you get that?" The girl shrugged. "Oh, come on!" Destiny rolled her eyes. "Where did it come from?!"
      "Stop yelling at her!" the boy demanded, as if Destiny cared what some kindergartener wanted her to do. 
     "Fine, then just give it here!" Destiny ordered, reaching out to take the book from the girl, only for her child to back away. "You can get another one, but I need that now!" She lunged for it again, and the girl ran behind the little boy. "Come on, you little brat! I'm in a hurry!"
     "You leave my sister alone!" the boy exclaimed, glaring up at Destiny defiantly.
     "Listen here, pipsqueak, I am an adult, and you should do what I say, and I want that book!"
     "You don't look like an adult," the boy pointed out.
      "You look like a baby," the girl piped up, peeking out from behind her brother.
      "Shut up!" Destiny pouted indignantly. "I'm not a baby, you're a baby! You're just a stupid little baby, and I bet you can't even read yet, so you don't even need the book! Just give it to me! Give it to me n...!"
      Destiny was cut off by the feeling of a hand clamping around her wrist, turning her around away from the children. "What do you think you're doing, young lady?" a woman asked sternly.
      "I need that book, and these dumb little brats won't let me have it, or tell me where they got it, and..." Destiny tried to explain, hoping that by getting someone who looked more like a grown-up - and this woman did look quite a bit more mature than she did in her current outfit, she had to admit - on her side, the children would listen to her.
     Instead, the woman said, "This is my son and daughter, and you're acting more like a child than either of them. If either of them threw a tantrum in the middle of a store like that, I would take them over my knee right then and there."
     "Well, obviously you should," Destiny sniffed. "It's just what they need."
     "Yes," the woman mused. "I think you're right." With that, the woman yanked Destiny over to one of the larger chairs along the edge of the room, for the parents, and sat down, tugging a struggling Destiny over her legs. 
      At first, Destiny was in denial, but as soon as she was pulled into position, she knew exactly where this was going. "You can't do this!" she wailed, kicking her legs and trying to get up, the woman easily forcing her back down. "No, you can't...!"
     The first spank was rather loud against the plastic backing of the diaper, loud enough to make up for how little of the impact actually made it through the padding. Destiny's cheeks burned, as she was sure the sound was loud enough to attract the attention of everyone in the store, as if she really wanted more people staring at her in this awful predicament."Stop it!" she whined. "You have no right..."
      "You really are quite the little brat, aren't you?" the woman asked, delivering another couple swats to the seat of the diaper. 
     "I am not a brat, I am a grown woman, and I will not allow some bitch to do this to me in the middle of a store!" Destiny huffed.
      "You definitely need this," the woman said. "You'll be lucky if I don't drag you to the bathroom after and wash your mouth out with soap. Clearly you have no idea how a 'grown woman' is supposed to act in public, as if your clothes didn't already prove that. You're acting like a bratty little toddler, and I've already heard what you think those need." The woman gave the girl's diaper a few more thwacks, then, to Destiny's horror, began to pull down the rear of the diaper, just enough to leave her pink posterior exposed.
     "No!" Destiny squeaked. "You can't!"
     "Be quiet, young lady, or I'll get the hairbrush out of my purse."
     "You wouldn't dare!" Destiny spat at the woman without thinking. And at first, it seemed she was right, as the woman smacked her bottom with her hand, the impact far more painful now without the protection of her diaper, against a bottom still slightly sore from her spanking that first day. The woman let the sting of the first one sit for just a moment before she continued, deftly delivering blows across the entirety of the girl's backside before pausing for just a moment while Destiny squirmed and sniffled, thinking that surely the worst was over.
     The next swat showed her just how wrong she was. It was much harder and more painful, and definitely not delivered by a bare hand. "Stooop!" she whined, but that only egged the woman on as she liberally applied the hairbrush to the naughty girl's jiggling bottom. Destiny knew her cries and protests had to be attracting attention, so she was sure somebody was going to break this up, and yet no relief came. People had to be noticing her, seeing her lying there, being soundly spanked, but they weren't helping. Was that some of the Master's magic? Or... did they just think that she deserved this?
     It didn't take long for the hairbrush to bring her to tears, reducing her desperate demands to wordless wails, and once she had reached that point, the woman slowed down, then finally stopped, gently tugging the thick diaper back up over Destiny's warm, stinging bottom. She lifted the girl off her lap, getting her to her feet before standing herself and taking her hand, leading her to the corner of the kids' section. Destiny's heart thump as she realized what was going on, but she didn't dare try to tell the woman what she could and couldn't do again. Once the woman had stuck Destiny's nose in the corner, she grabbed the pacifier dangling from the front of her dress and forced it into her mouth, then, with one final swat to the back of the girl's diaper, left her alone there.
     Destiny could hardly believe what had happened. She had just been spanked, in public, by a complete stranger, then put in the corner like a bad little girl. And she didn't even dare to move from the spot, not knowing if the woman was still there, watching, or what she would do to Destiny if she moved. Destiny knew she needed to get back to looking for the book, but she was too scared to move a muscle to do anything but nervously suck on the large rubber bulb that had been shoved into her mouth. What if the woman kept her there all afternoon? Destiny didn't trust Brittany to be able to finish the list by herself, so they would lose, and she'd go right from this humiliation to whatever an adult baby pageant entailed. She wasn't sure, but she definitely didn't like the sound of it.

     She jumped as, a few minutes later, she felt a hand on her shoulder, afraid it was one of the kids, or their mother, back for more. Instead, it was Brittany. "Come on, let's go. I got the book."

     "I can't," Destiny whimpered. "Sh-she put me in the corner, and I..."

     "She left, Destiny. Now come on, we need to hurry."

     Tentatively, Destiny turned her head, looking around to see that, indeed, the woman and her brood had vanished. She still felt rather anxious as she turned all the way around, as if the woman was going to just pop out of the woodwork for a second round, so Brittany took the still-dazed girl's hand and led her back through the store. Destiny rubbed the back of her diaper with a wince, blushing; glad that it was their digestive systems and not urinary systems that were linked, or else Brittany might have noticed just how scared she had been when Brittany had come up behind her just then.
     While Destiny struggled to regain her composure, Brittany took the book up to till. The clerk, a cute young guy who was about her age, eyed Brittany with open disbelief as he rang the book up. Brittany just blushed and handed her the credit card. She shifted for foot to foot, vividly aware that people were staring. Her legs, bare between the top of her ankle socks and the leg bands of her diapers, were starting to get chilly.
     “Are you pledging a sorority?” the boy asked, grinning at her.
     “No,” she answered, kicking herself when she realized she’d just rebuffed probably the only reasonable reason why she’d be dressed in this ridiculous getup.
     “Oh.” He said, a little surprised as he looked her up and down.
     “It’s—I—work for a nursery,” she began lamely, “this is a… promotion we’re doing.”
     “Oh… I was kind of curious…” The clerk admitted, putting the book into the bag.
     “Yeah, it’s… it’s pretty embarrassing,” Brittany admitted, cursing her luck… why did I have to meet this guy now? She thought ruefully.
     “Hey, don’t worry—it’s an extreme look, but somehow you manage to pull it off…”
     Brittany giggled, feeling relaxed for the first time in days.

In the distance, Destiny watched them chat and brooded.
     What’s taking so long? She fumed impatiently. Wait a minute… is she flirting with that guy?!
     Destiny was incredulous—what the hell was she doing? Didn’t she realize that the clock was ticking? Every second that slipped by, they were getting closer and closer to diapers full time! She would never admit that her rage was partially fueled by jealousy, that she could hardly believe anyone would bother to hit on that silly little common glorified babysitter. If we lose this scavenger hunt because she was picking up guys, Destiny thought grumpily, I’lll…
     Her stomach gurgled, and she realized she was starting to feel gassy. At first she was embarrassed… but then she thought back to what the master had said about their digestive systems being linked… did that go both ways? Maybe there was a way to get a little relief for herself, and hurry Brittany along at the same time, With a naughty smile, she bit her lip and strained a bit, glad now that there was nobody around her, admiring her, as a loud fart emanated from beneath her thickly padded bottom.
     From the corner of her eye, Brittany could see Destinys distress, but she’s spent the last couple of nights thinking that her dating life was over, the attention made her forget herself.  She noticed Destiny seemed to be concentrating on something… her nose wrinkled and her brow furrowed in an adorable way… as though she was straining…
     Brittany watched as Destiny’s face suddenly slackened. Instantly, a huge, rumbling fart emerged from the seat of Brittany’s diaper, and she knew right away what Destiny had been up to. Brittany's face dropped as her bowels let her down again, a small, but gooey squirt of poop jetting into the seat of her diaper. The charming salesman jested "Maybe it’s good you're covered hahaha" his tone made Brittany feel a little better. She blushed and giggled nonetheless. "Uh....are you okay" asked the clerk.
     Brittany , now used to the humiliation, replied calmly "yea.”  She paused briefly to turn and glare childishly at Destiny, who grinned mischievously. The message couldn’t have been clearer— get a move on or that fart was just the beginning.
      “Are you sure you’re OK?” The clerk reiterated "it looks like maybe you..."
     Brittany cut him off "I'm sorry I can't help it, can you please hurry?"
     The boy quickly finished bagging her book and handed her the bag. Brittany’s head hung low as she waddled back to Destiny.

     Destiny smiled as she saw Brittany squirm and blush up ahead of her, feeling quite proud of herself... for a moment. As it turned out, forcing an incontinent little brat to fart was perhaps not the brightest idea, and Destiny gasped as she felt the consequences, Brittany's weakened muscles causing her own to squeeze a little mess out into the seat of her own diaper. She blushed, sure for a moment that she had caused Brittany, and thus both of them, to have a full blown accident, but luckily just a little squirt was all that happened.
     Still, it was enough. To anyone who might have been watching, it would have looked like she had quite intentionally made the mess, since they'd have had no idea that she and Brittany were linked as they were. This little adventure had barely started, and her diaper was already wet and dirty, if just a little of each, enough to remind her that she'd done them with every squishy, sticky step. She told herself that this didn't count as her pooping her pants yet again, because it was the other girl's fault, but it was hard to keep that in mind as she shifted her weight back and forth, waiting for Brittany.
      Her cheeks were still a deep red when Brittany came back over to her, not looking so pleased herself. Hoping that perhaps Brittany hadn't realized that the fart that had started the mini-disaster that had happened in their diapers hadn't come from her, she rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Thanks a lot!" before taking Brittany's hand and pulling her out of the store.


  1. Yay updates :) Another good one :)

  2. Good for Brittany, glad she might have met someone. Very much enjoyed seeing Destiny paying for her poor behaviour but she just doesn't seem to learn.

    Very good update.

  3. I am pleased that Destiny got her just deserts after being such a bully to those children. Does she realize that when Brittany changes her diaper that she will see Destiny wet herself like a baby? I wonder if Brittany will tease her for that, or if Brittany has learned her lesson and will be kind even to the one remaining bully of the show. I would like to think Brittany has learned a lot from Lucy and really has changed her ways. However it is Destiny after all, the Bratty Bully, and how Brittany responds to her, that will be the test to see how much, if at all, Brittany has been reformed. I hold no hope for Destiny, she is still just as stupid as her banal TV show was. The next time Destiny says something bratty, I think Brittany should shove the pacifier in her mouth.Doing that would not mean Brittany is still unchanged, it would show her as being grown up and taking charge of an unruly child.
    I cannot wait to see how Lucy and Baby Margret are fairing in this contest. Also, I noticed that neither of the teams had diaper bags with them, so how will they change each other? Destiny got a lesson in how to change a baby, but without the bag of supplies, how will this be possible? Maybe I am just over thinking the doubt that when the time comes the Master will make whatever is needed appear. It might be funny for them to have barrow the changing supplies from some random stranger in the mall.

  4. uncle i do believe you have forgotten that the brought credit cards i'm sure that when the time comes and they need to be changed they will have to buy the supplies themselves :)

    i wonder what else is on the scavenger list and how long it will take? destiny seemed to be the one to slow brittany down with that spanking who knows how many items lucy and maggie have by now

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