Monday, 25 March 2013

Day Two Act Five

We're Back!

     Still in a sulky mood after her spanking, Alice retreated indoors away from the rest of the crowd, searching half-heartedly for an egg. Her tushy was still steaming from her spanking-- she fumed at the indignity of it. As the CEO of a huge, multi-national corporation she deserved better treatment than this—and she certainly had better things to do with her precious time! All thoughts of winning or losing had been set aside—she was focused completely on getting the hell out of here, before something really bad happened to her!
     She wandered through the palatial home, opening cabinets and closets, listlessly searching for one of the eggs, thinking. Even if she did find one, there was only a one in three chance that it was a wish—and she gathered from the Master’s tone that the other “prizes” weren’t going to be anything anybody actually wanted.
     Worse, Destiny seemed to be following her, trying to catch her eye, but Alice wasn’t going for it—not only was Destiny a walking, talking reminder of her earlier humiliation, Alice blamed her for her roasted rump as much as the Master. They were supposed to be partners! Grimacing as she felt the seat of her rough, cotton panties rubbing roughly up against her throbbing bottom, Alice vowed anew that she’d make Destiny pay for selling her out.
     And the, to her own complete surprise, she stumbled upon the egg, hidden, almost in plain sight, on the mantle above the fireplace, just behind a picture of the Master of his arm around George W. Bush. She took it out and held it in her hands. Wrapped neatly in brown foil, it sat perfectly in the palm of her hands. She eyed it warily, thinking; the odds were one in three against her, and good things rarely came in brown wrapping—especially in this place!
     There was a small noise behind her, and Alice was suddenly aware that Destiny was coming toward her. A scheme began to form… smirking to herself, Alice replaced the egg on the mantle, this time in plain sight, before retreating into the next room, smirking to herself—one good turn deserves another, bitch, she thought with a nasty chuckle.

     Destiny tried to remain inconspicuous as she trailed Alice through the house. It was just so ridiculous - five grown women, dressed like children, being forced to run around on an Easter egg hunt... But that didn't mean she wasn't going to do it. She had no real choice, but even if she did, that wish was still out there. At the very least, it would get her out of here, maybe while making her famous at the same time. It was humiliating, no doubt about it, but she had to admit she was glad not to be Brittany or Margaret, with their diapers peeking out from beneath their frilly skirts. She was pretty sure that was the only way this could be worse.
     She happened to catch Alice's eye, then quickly turned away. The woman was clearly not happy with her. Couldn't Alice see she hadn't had any choice?! If she should be mad at anyone, it should be the Master! Destiny almost started to get mad at Alice for how unfair she was being, but she supposed she couldn't really blame her too much. She wanted to try to explain - and maybe even apologize if she had to, even though she didn't think she'd done anything wrong - so she started to follow the woman. 
     And that was how she found the egg. It was hidden, but only slightly. Destiny’s eyes widened as she grabbed it, holding it in her hand. This was it! It had been so easy... That thought made her pause. If she'd been able to find it so easily, why hadn't Alice noticed it? Had she left it there on purpose? Maybe it was her way of showing Destiny that there were no hard feelings. Maybe she was just pretending there were, to trick the other contestants, so they wouldn't know the two were allies!
     Briefly, Destiny considered catching up to Alice and finding a way to inconspicuously slip the egg to Alice, to show her that she understood. But the more she stared at it, the more sure she was that this was the one that was going to grant the eater a wish. That would make it an even better gesture for her fellow teammate... But it would also mean giving the wish up for herself. She didn't want to do that. Besides, Alice had left it for her, hadn't she? She must have wanted her to have it. Or maybe she hadn't even noticed it at all, in which case Destiny had found it fair and square.
     Almost giddy, she unwrapped the brown foil and popped the chocolate egg into her mouth. She looked around for the Master as she chewed, wondering if he'd give her the wish right away, or if they'd have to wait for the other two to be found.
     The chocolate was delicious… not the crap you bought in the supermarket, but real milk chocolate, silky and thick. Destiny savored it on her tongue and let it trickle down her throat.
     She'd barely even swallowed it before she felt a massive cramp in her stomach; at the same time, she felt her underwear growing strangely tight. She furrowed her brow in confusion, wiggling a little. It felt like something was in there, something warm and thick, and still growing... There was a loud burst of flatulence, making her roll her eyes and look around for Brittany, sure she was pooping her diaper yet again, the disgusting girl.
     Then, in a horrifying moment of clarity, Destiny realized it was coming from herself. “No,” she whispered, confirming her fears with a wriggle of her rump, feeling nauseas at the thick, goopy sensation plastering the seat of her panties. "No!" she wailed. "Not again!" She was pooping her pants on TV for the second day in a row! This time, there had been no warning, no hope of stopping it, no chance to do anything but stand there, terrified and disgusted, and let it happen. She grunted, her body forcing her into a squat as it continued to work, wave after wave of mushy mess pushing out into her poor panties. When she looked down, she could see them, drooping down heavily, stained brown. They were ruined, there was no doubt about that.
     And she was still going. Her stomach cramped, forcing a grunt out of her—she looked away, feeling the filth start to squeeze its way out of her underwear and into her tights, staining her inner thighs brown as she desperately, and without thinking, pushed them together, trying to stop the flow and she burst into humiliated tears.
     Finally, it the mess slowed to a halt. Carefully, she straightened herself back up. She looked, and felt, even more like a little kid now, she realized, a little girl who had been having so much fun searching for eggs she'd ignored her need to go to the bathroom for just a little too long. She felt disgusting and dirty and wanted nothing more than to waddle, bow-legged, up to her room and get cleaned up. It just wasn't fair! Why had she gotten the worst egg?!
     She cringed when she heard his voice behind her. Slowly, trying desperately not to squish the mess in her panties, she turned to face the Game Master, who watched her, arms folded, a detached smirk on his face. “Is there something you want to tell me?”
      “I…” she sniffled, shuffling her feet, not wanting to admit to the awful truth, yet somehow finding the words spilling out of her anyway. “I had an accident…” she said in a quivering voice before bursting into tears.
     “Better get a move-on,” he chided, turning and walking from the room, “that’s two down and only one to go.”
     She watched him go, sniffling. Droopy, stinky panties or no, Destiny knew she should start searching again, that she needed to find the wish, and use it to get out of this place before she really messed up, and wound up with a consequence a lot more permanent than poopy pants. Yet the idea of being seen by the other women like this - especially Alice, and Brittany, whose poopy pants she'd refused, quite vehemently, to change earlier - was too much for her to bear. That egg had been easy to find, but it wasn't the real prize. Surely that one would be harder to find. Maybe she'd have time to sneak upstairs, get herself cleaned up, then come back down with a clear head and clean bottom and continue with the game.
     She wanted nothing more than to get that wish, though she wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. Maybe she could wish to have the world forget she was ever on this stupid show… then no one would remember that she'd shit her pants twice and gotten spanked... but if they forgot that, how can I get my comeback? She resolved that If she only had one wish, she'd have to figure out some way to word it to get everything she wanted, but that was going to be tough. Even tougher if she ran off to try to hide her shame now. It wasn't like they hadn't seen her poop herself the day before, and the ones who really mattered, the audience, had already seen this "accident", too. But, even so, the more she thought about it, the more she couldn't bear the thought of the other contestants knowing about this. There would be other games, she was sure, and eventually, she was going to win. She turned, started to make her way quickly and stealthily up to her room.
      “PHEW-WEE!” She heard behind her, “what’s that smell?”
     Slowly, stiffly, Destiny turned to look behind her. Alice stood in the doorway, somehow managing to look smug, even dressed like a two year old—and why not? She wasn’t the one whose panties were overflowing with poop, Destiny thought bitterly. Compared to Destiny, she looked practically grown-up.
     “Did you like the treat I left for you?” Alice said with lazy self satisfaction. “It looked quite delicious—but it seems to have disagreed with you, hasn’t it?” she chuckled. Destiny stood by seething, shifting from foot to foot in her poopy panties.
     “You—you BITCH!” she spat.
     “Surly you don’t blame me? You should have known your fate was sealed the moment you laid your hands on my bottom you peasant! And did you honestly think the prize would come in a BROWN wrapper? In this place?” She giggled to herself. “You’re going to be stuck doing diaper commercials for the rest of your life now!”
     Destiny stammered, trying to think of something to say in response, but nothing came. She knew Alice was right—who was going to want to work with her now? How could anyone see her as anything other than a joke now? Lips quivering, she started to bawl.
     “Where did you think you were going, anyway?” Alice asked, smirking. "Running away? The game isn't over yet. I'm going to find the real egg, and then I'm going to make you watch as I eat it. Now come on, poopy pants."
     Destiny whimpered and squirmed as Alice clamped one hand firmly on her wrist and started to drag her away from the stairs, away from her bedroom and the nice, cleansing shower inside, and closer to the other girls, giving the cameras even more time to give the viewers at home a good view of her full panties as she toddled helplessly beside the larger woman, not quite able to break free of her grip...

We'll be back after these important messages!


  1. Yay! Update time! :) Lots of fun, thanks :)

  2. I really like Destiny and want her to win, but I also like the thought of another babygirl in search of a daddy to help her with diaper changes and bottle feedings, and changing out of cute little outfits all little girls wear because daddy says so. I would love to take care of the pretty Destiny, and love her like my own.

    Alice is another story, she deserves to be taken down by her teammates, with that haughty attitude and her vicious scheming, she needs to learn how to play well with others and not just to benefit her own needs. Hope she gets her just desserts.

    1. Hey don't hate the player, hate the game...

  3. @NettingTheBigOne

    POWERPLAY! #niceone Alice. You certainly have my vote to stay, you're playing the game for sure.

  4. Gross... Seriously, what is with the Master's obsession with making us poop our pants? Though I guess it's better than some things he could do to us. Maybe...

    1. Well, in his defense, it was pretty hilarious!

    2. Please don't ask me to change you. I don't want to be the resident nanny.

  5. Well played Alice! Enjoying the effects the rough cotton is having and hoping she loses but admire her ability to keep her head.

  6. Have you forgotten about this blog?

  7. I think Alice deserves to lose total control. I think Lucy needs to be voted off. She is just too nice.

  8. i think brittany will be the one voted off stuck with her incontinence the other contestants won't like to keep changing her