Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Day Two Act Four

We're Back!

     “W-W-What are you going to do?” Margret asked nervously, though she already knew the answer, even before Mandy reached below the table to grab an extra large bottle of baby oil.
     “Well, sweetie, when big babies are sick, their Nurseys need to take their temperatures,” she explained slowly, as though talking to a child. She popped the top off the bottle and began slowly pouring the warm oil across Maggie’s vulnerable, upturned backside, making the nude girl shiver. “And the best way to do that,” Mandy purred, spreading Maggie’s muscular buns and squirting a warm torrent of oil between them, “is in their cute little tushies!”
     Slipping her fingers between her butt-cheeks, Mandy began massaging the oil into Maggie’s crack, paying special attention to the tight crinkle of her anus. Maggie cringed, trying desperately to cry out for her to stop, but her mounting arousal prevented anything other than a low moan from escaping. She squirmed, pulse racing, her clit rubbing against the table below her—she squeezed her thighs together, praying Mandy wouldn’t notice how wet she was getting.
     “Oh, does somebody wike dat?” Mandy cooed, slipping the tip of her finger into Maggie’s cute little asshole. A surge of arousal hit her like a lightning bolt, drawing an involuntary squeal from her. “Oh yes,” Mandy said with a chuckle, “I think someone is definitely enjoying her checkup!” She pushed the finger in deeper, until it was half-way in. Maggie gurgled ecstatically, and Mandy grinned, stroking her hair gently as she allowed the patient to squirm and writhe on the end of her finger for a few moments, before pushing it in the rest of the way. Maggie’s eyes crossed—her pussy throbbed beneath her, positively soaked. Her humiliation fueled her excitement, which in turn stoked the fires of her embarrassment—an unending cycle of shame and arousal, getting stronger with each loop.
     Mandy took a moment to work her digit in and out, pulling it back until it had nearly withdrawn entirely, then sliding it back in again, slowly. Maggie groaned and shivered in response, so horny it was driving her mad.
     She nearly burst into tears when the nurse withdrew her finger. Mandy chuckled, reaching out to pat her bottom tenderly. “Don’t worry, baby,” she whispered, picking up the thermometer and shaking it vigorously, “I’ve got something else I think you’re going to like. Although,” she said, bringing the cool tip to her anus, “I should warn you—it is probably going to be a tad chilly.”
     Slowly, Mandy drove the thermometer home, pushing it deep inside her. Maggie squealed once more, the thermometer slipping slowly, teasingly into her greased anus. “Just relax, baby,” Mandy whispered gently, adding a twist of the cool glass tube. “Relax—doesn’t that feel good? Nursey knows what she’s doing.”
     With the thermometer in place, Mandy began slowly twirling it, first in one direction, then the other, making Maggie shiver and squirm. With the other hand, the naughty nurse reached beneath Maggie and began playing with her pussy.
     “OOOHHH!” Margret gave a liquid groan, sticking her shapely rump up in the air and wagging it behind her. Chuckling, Nurse Mandy reached out and gave a series of gentle swats to one plump cheek, then the other.
     Margret groaned and writhed and humped the table beneath her obscenely, her blistering arousal overtaking her. Though she realized she was making a spectacle of herself (both for the sexy nurse and the viewers at home) she just couldn’t stop herself from reaching down and thrusting her fingers between her legs to rub and stroke her clit.
     “You naughty girl!” The nurse chided her. Withdrawing her hand from between the girls legs (over vocal protests from Maggie) and laid a firm slap on her tushy. Maggie cried out and worked her fingers below her more urgently. The twisting  of the thermometer was driving her mad—Mandy gave her upturned rump another firm spank, making it quiver. An icy/hot, prickling sting began to settle across her derriere, fueling her desire—Maggie worked her fingers and ground her hips, Nurse Mandy twirling the thermometer and settling into a slow but steady spanking.
     On the table, Maggie shook and writhed, the sensations building inside her, pushing her further and further toward the edge until…
     Her world exploded into white-hot orgasm—Margret’s entire body tensed so hard it shook.
     Tugging the thermometer from her hiney in one quick motion, Mandy examined the numbers.
     “Hmmm… 99.5 degrees… that’s just a little bit high,” she declared, patting Maggie’s vulnerable rump casually. “Looks like we’re going to have to cool you down.
     “You just lay there and relax, honey-bunny,” Mandy said sweetly. Maggie sucked in a deep, shaky breath and tried to steady herself. The afterglow of her orgasm was starting to ebb away, and the humiliation was setting in again. On top of having her temperature taken rectally like a baby, she’d been seen by the whole world masturbating as it happened—while a gorgeous nurse spanked her!  Would she ever be able to live down the shame?
     Maggie was so busy wallowing in her own misery, she didn’t even pay attention to what Nurse Mandy was up to behind her beyond vague shifting and rustling noises followed by the sound of water rushing from the tap.
     “OK, precious,” Nurse Mandy intoned, patting Maggie’s rump affectionately, “this might feel a little strange, but Nursy wants you to just relax and go along with it.”
     Maggie peeked back over her shoulder. She nearly fainted when she saw the massively bulging enema bag hanging from an IV pole behind her. To her right, Nurse Mandy was holding the thick, black nozzle in one hand and greasing it with KY with the other.
     “Oh no,” she croaked, near tears. “Please don’t…”
     “Baby, you hush!” Mandy chided, delivering a brisk spank to her bare bottom. “Baby needs this to make her all better,” she giggled sweetly, reaching out to part Maggie’s cheeks with her left hand. Maggie gulped, curling her toes into little fists as the nozzle got closer and closer.
      “Relax, honey,” Mandy repeated softly, waiting for the patient to let out a shaky breath before she pushed the nozzle home.
     Maggie’s mouth dropped open, but she was unable to emit  anything other than a series of squeaks and mews. From behind her there was a click, and she gasped, her adorable pink mouth forming into a shocked ‘O’ as the water began rushing into her.
     “It’s OK, baby; it’s for your own good,” Mandy cooed seductively behind her, patting her bottom soothingly.
     Maggie squealed and groaned and kicked her feet against the padded table. She was mortified to discover she was getting horny once more. Her reputation and dignity already in tatters, this time she had fewer qualms about reaching down to pleasure herself. She gurgled and moaned and rubbed her clit, sticking her ass up in the air behind her and twitching her rump excitedly, the enema hose twitching behind her like a tail. The nozzle twisting and waggling in her asshole provided even more stimulation, driving her arousal to greater and greater heights. Meanwhile, the water was rushing inside her, filling her with a wonderfully warm feeling. For a moment, Margret entertained an absurd vision of herself being blown up like a human water-balloon.
     “Good girl!” Mandy praised her, simultaneously stroking her hair tenderly and rubbing and patting her bottom. “See, babykins? It’s not so bad.” She bent down and kissed Margret’s cheek. Maggie moaned and gurgled, Mandy’s breath all hot and moist in her ear. The hair on the back of her neck stood up, and all her modesty and misgivings were washed away in a sea of pleasure.
     “All done!” Nurse Mandy said sweetly, popping the nozzle from her anus. She set the bag, hose and nozzle aside, then returned to the table. Maggie wasn’t even trying to hide her desperate attempt to get off again—she was feverishly pleasuring herself and humping the table beneath her. Mandy grinned and patted her backside.
     “Turn over, babykins,” she instructed. Margret complied with a groan, heaving herself onto her back. She looked down at herself, saw her belly all full and swollen, and could only stare in disbelief. The pressure inside her colon was now becoming apparent, and her pussy, still hot and moist was crying out for attention. Nurse Mandy approached from the side and knelt down close.
     “Shhh,” she hushed soothingly, leaning in close to kiss her face. Maggie squeezed her eyes shut and tried to relax, but the enema was burbling warmly inside her—she tightened her pucker as hard as she could.
     The Nurse trailed her fingers down between Maggie’s breasts, coming to rest on her distended belly, which she stroked and patted gently. “That’s it, sweetheart. Hold it for Nursey.”
     “I really gotta go,” Maggie whined, tightening her butt-cheeks and squirming on her back.
     “Shhhh,” Mandy whispered, kissing her sweetly on the mouth. “It’ll be alright. You can go potty soon; there’s just one thing we need to take care of first.” She smiled and kissed the squirming Margret, her hand trailing downward even further, until she was stroking the girl’s clit.
     It was the final straw; the combination of the internal pressure and Nurse Mandy’s teasing manipulations pushed her over the edge—Maggie’s world exploded into orgasm once more. he shook and sighed and squeezed her buns as tightly as they’d go.
     “Good girl,” Mandy sighed in Margret’s ear. “Are you ready for the potty?”
     “Yes!” she whined. “Please, Nursey!”
     “OK sweetie,” Mandy said, helping her off the table, “just hang on—you’re almost there.”
     Nurse Mandy helped Margret across the cold tiles. Maggie baby stepped as quickly as she could, clenching her butt-cheeks tightly as she tip-toed behind the nurse. She could already imagine slamming her butt down on the toilet, releasing the water which had been pumped into her, and relieving herself of the sharp cramps puncturing her belly.
     “Here we go Maggie,” Nurse Mandy said with a small giggle. Maggie looked up, confused—they hadn’t even left the examining room yet, where was she supposed to—
     And then she saw it—the same huge pink potty that the unfortunate Alice had been forced to use for her explosive bowel movement the night before. “No!” She cried, suddenly struggling against the nurse. “Not that! Please! Take me to the toilet!”
     “Toilet?” Nurse Mandy repeated with a derisive laugh. “You’re much too small for that sweetie! You need to sit on the potty where Nursey can supervise! Now come along,” she said, delivering a sharp swat to Maggie’s clenched tushy, “let’s go baby. If you make a mess, Nursey will be very upset and have to spank your bare bottom!”
      Margret tried to resist, desperate to maintain a shred of dignity—but she’d reached the limit of her constitution. She needed relief now!
     Spurred on by another playful spank from Mandy, Margret pranced across the floor as quickly as she could while squeezing her buns with all her might. Slamming her rump down on the pink plastic potty with an ecstatic sigh, the water splashing out of her immediately—the  long gush giving way to a mortifying fart, followed by a thick, lumpy thundering out of her and splattering noisily into the bowl below.
     There was a brief moment of quiet, and she thought for a second that she might be done. But another cramp emerged, her colon filled, and Maggie turned bright red as she began to blast another watery gush. “That’s it baby,” Nurse Mandy whispered. She reached down and began massaging her stomach gently, pressing and rubbing her distended abdomen.
     Maggie blasted another mushy, gassy torrent into the bowl, reddening as Nurse Mandy praised her. “That’s a good girl!” Mandy said, “you make a nice big present for Nursey!”
     Maggie obliged her with a sizable fart, another sloppy mess exploding into the potty beneath her. Mandy continued to massage her tummy, but her hand kept getting lower and lower, until she was playing with Maggie’s pussy once more.
     Maggie groaned—another major load came thundering out of her. “That’s it!” Mandy cooed brightly, kissing her temple. “That’s a good girl! Make a big mess for Nurse Mandy!” She rubbed faster and faster—Margret groaned passionately and bucked against the nurse’s fingers, opening herself and letting the mess E-X-P-L-O-D-E out of her freely, and soon Maggie had her third orgasm of the afternoon; seated on an oversized potty, farting out a huge, noisy dump.
     Eventually, she sputtered to a finish—with a shaky groan, she leaned forward, trying not to breathe through her nose as a hideous stench had descended over the room like a shroud, and huddled over, shivering.
     “OK, sweet-cheeks,” Mandy said with a smile, “let’s get you into a fresh diaper.
     Maggie began to sob softly, but allowed Mandy to help her from the potty with no resistance. With a box of nearby baby-wipes, Mandy wiped her bottom with practiced care, and Margret could only stand by and blush. Taking her by the hand, Mandy led her out of the examining room and into a darkened room where a simple cot awaited her. Helping her up onto the bed, Mandy quickly popped a soother into Maggie’s mouth before sliding a thick diaper under her squirming bum. Powder came next, and Maggie sighed and tried to enjoy the sensation of having it rubbed and patted into her bottom.
     The diaper was pulled up snugly between her legs and taped tightly around her waist.
     Maggie sucked her pacifier and sobbed quietly—how had she lost control of her life so quickly?!
     Nurse Mandy bent down and kissed her forehead. “Awww… Poor baby…” she kissed Maggie’s forehead and stroked her hair. “The Master says you can have the rest of the afternoon to relax…” she smirked. “And he wants me to do whatever it takes to make you comfortable…”
      She kissed Maggie full on the lips, slipping her tongue into her mouth. She trailed her hand down Maggie’s stomach and into the front of her diaper…

 We'll be back after these important messages!


  1. Oooooh gosh :)

  2. 1,2,3,4... if I am right it will be her 5th orgasm. Oh gosh, the baby will be so spoiled in a short while. :)

    But I love spoiled girls that love to cum and ... maybe do something for there caretakers, too.

  3. Yawn! Am I the only one who thinks this show is a big snore whenever yours truly isn't on screen?

    1. Like anybody even knows who you are. I think we all know who the real draw is...

    2. is... is it me?

    3. Right... who doesn't love a flat-chested virgin in poopy pants?

    4. I'm... well... i'm not a virgin. And I like my boobs!

  4. @NettingTheBigOne

    Um... this show got strange fast, but wow, Margret's changed so fast in the course of a day... #pityvote?

  5. Ya this was a great episode, but totally one sided. I enjoyed the sexual releases of Margaret and the sexy Nurse Mandy, but I was hoping for a bit of the other girls as well.
    Oh well, keep em' happy and in diapers, they all deserve to be padded by the master.

    1. The next couple of episodes will feature at least two of the girls at a time.

  6. Excuse the late comment, but this anonymous viewer is most certainly pleased with the show's progression. I must say that baby Maggie remains my favorite, and everything that has happened to her so far has pleased me greatly. It would not be farfetched even to claim that I continue to watch the show primarily for her sake. And so it is that I continue to cheer her on her... most "fortunate" circumstances.

    Keep up the interesting work, Game Master.

    ~ An anonymous viewer

  7. still two eggs left out there i wonder what the wish will be used for this time