Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Day Three Act One

(Sorry about the delay, folks.)

Sleep came only fitfully for the contestants that night. The sight the mighty Alice shrunken down into a toddler sized munchkin was enough to scare anyone, not to mention… what had happened afterwards. None of them wanted to think about it. But as Destiny, Lucy, Margret, and Brittany lay in their beds (or cribs, as the case may be) they couldn’t shake the sight of the pint-sized woman masturbating furiously in her diaper—and mess that came later—or the thought that it could have been any one of them. And soon: the next vote was the following evening.
     So everyone was a little quiet and irritable during breakfast. Destiny just picked at her food; it was as scrumptious as it had been yesterday, but the memories of the bad luck that had plagued her afterwards had diminished her appetite. So she ate only what she needed to fill her belly, and sipped some orange juice, mulling things over.
     She leaned back in her chair, glancing around the room. Now that Alice was gone, she felt much more comfortable. Margaret had made her nervous at first, but that had lasted only the few minutes it had taken the woman to wind up as an adult baby. In fact, watching as she was miserably spoon-fed her breakfast by a nanny who cooed stomach turning baby-talk, Destiny almost had to laugh. Brittany was just some pants-filling overgrown baby, and while that was certainly gross, as long as Lucy was around so Destiny didn't have to worry about being asked to change her again, and didn't have to be around her after she'd used her diapers, she was hardly worth a second thought. And speaking of Lucy, Destiny was sure there was something more lurking under that super-sweet exterior, but this early in the game, she doubted the girl would let it out. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.
     Of course, it wasn't entirely fair for her to criticize Brittany for her little accidents, since there had yet to be a day in this house where she hadn't pooped her pants, but that was different - that had happened only during the challenges, when she couldn’t control it. Brittany did it all the time now, and those diapers she wore were a constant reminder of that. Destiny was determined to get through at least one day without having an accident. She took another look at the assembled group, growing uneasy as she realized that, with their number decreased, a full half of them were in diapers now. Alice had wound up in one as well before she left. Obviously, that was what the Master wanted... How long would it be before the whole group of women were in them, perhaps even permanently? She shivered at the thought, telling herself that she wouldn't end up like that. She wouldn't allow it. That meant she'd just have to dominate the next challenge, whatever that would be. And against these opponents, how could she lose? Alice was right about one thing… reality TV was all about perception. If she could just show everyone she was a winner, and look good doing it, she’d have it in the bag.
     “Good morning, players,” The Master’s voice announced him before her arrives, trailed as usual by a team of maids, “ready for the day’s activity?”
     The statement was met with a course of groans, and the women’s feelings on the matter were summarized by a well-timed and strictly involuntary fart from Brittany. The Master laughed. “Oh come on; it’s a fun one!
     “You’re all going on a good, old-fashioned, wholesome scavenger hunt down at the mall. Each team of two will be given a list of items and a credit card. To win, one team simply has to complete their list and return to the rendezvous point with all the items.”
     Sounds simple enough, Destiny thought to herself-- should be easy enough to just power through and get it done as long as there’s no catch…
     “And you’ll be doing it all in this,” The master said, as though he’d read Destiny’s mind. One on the maids produced a dress in one hand and a massive bulky diaper in the other. The contestants groaned… the dresses were cute, ruffled affairs, a pink bib-front jumper dress lined in white lace, short enough to leave a good portion of the bulging diaper exposed, a short-sleeved, peter-pan collared white shirt beneath that.
     “What’s more; if you are recognized (and bear in mind our last episode was number one in its time slot) you compulsively act like children, including but not limited to drooling, compulsive baby-talk, thumb-sucking and incontinence.”
     Now Destiny was really sweating. She was still a celebrity after all, even if her star had fallen a bit in the last few years. She still got recognized every once in a while—and were they really number one in their time slot, or was he just messing with the? At first she was inwardly elated… but after playing some of the more horrific moments back in her head, Destiny realized maybe it wasn’t as great as it sounded.
     “The winning team can make a wish for materiel gain or negate the effects of a prior loss. The losers had better get used to their outfits, because they’re in for full Adult Baby punishment…. Diapers, crib, clothes, incontinence, the whole nine yards. And, depending on time, maybe even a special additional punishment,” he said, leering at them.
     Destiny let out an involuntary groan as the Master mentioned what they would be wearing, blushed as he turned to her with a smirk of bemusement. She squirmed in her seat, glancing over at Brittany and Maggie and the bulging padding around their waists, suppressing the urge to whimper at the thought of being put into one of those... Especially as the Master continued, and she heard that, if she lost, she'd be in them full time, and she'd really need them. Frantically, she looked at her housemates again, trying to decide who she should pick, which one would slow her down the least.
     “Here are the teams: Lucy, you’re teamed up with little baby Maggie—take good care of her,” he instructed with mock seriousness. Lucy and Brittany shot each other a pained look—they weren’t expecting to be separated.
     “Destiny, you’re with Brittany,” he said with a mischievous gleam in his eye.
     "Her?!" Destiny pouted involuntarily as he announced the team, giving an uneasy giggle as she realized she'd said that out loud. She considered trying to bluff her way out of it, but there didn't seem to be much of a point in that. She was sure Brittany wasn't a fan of her, either, after the way she'd reacted to the girl's request the day before to change her diaper.

     "Look, I'm sure you're nice and all, but... I don't want to get slowed down by having to change poopy diapers," Destiny complained. "It's not fair! I'm not a babysitter, I don't have any idea how to change a diaper!"
     "Well, that's all right. I'm sure we can get you a lesson. And I bet Brittany will give you some pointers while she's changing yours. Because as of right now, dear Destiny, your digestive system is linked to hers. If she so much as farts, so will you. And if she does something more... Well, I think you get the idea."
     "That's not fair!" Destiny whined. She couldn't believe this! Not only was she going to be put in a diaper, she was going to have to depend on an incontinent girl to keep them clean. If this was another show, where it might do some good, and not being run by some kind of wizard, or whatever the Master was, she would already be in the middle of a tantrum over it, but she was restraining herself as much as possible. She came very close to losing it, however, as the Master revealed the final twist of this demented little game.
     "We'll be leaving in fifteen minutes," the Master declared, and, dazed, the girls got up from their seats. The girls dispersed to get changed. “Lucy!” Brittany waved her over. “Listen—I I win, I promise to wish you back to normal if you’ll do the same for me.”
     “It’s a deal,” Lucy smiled.
     Destiny saw Lucy heading for Brittany, pulling her aside. Suspicious, she started to follow the pair, only for her path to be blocked by a pair of tall, sexy maids blocked her path, towering over her. "Where do you think you're going, Destiny?" the Master asked. "You needed a diapering lesson, didn't you?"
     "No, I..." Destiny protested, trying to back away as one of the maids advanced on her, running a finger across Destiny's taut stomach before sneaking it beneath the girl's shirt, pulling it up and off the girl's body. Instantly, she crossed her arms over her bra-clad breasts, which felt even smaller than usual as she stared at the huge chest of the woman doing this to her. "Stop it!" Destiny demanded.
     "There's no need to be embarrassed," the maid told her mockingly. "Size isn't all that matters, sweetie." With that, she unbuttoned Destiny's shorts, letting them fall to around the girl's ankles. Destiny tried to grab for them, but not only was she too late for that, moving her hands made it all too easy for the nurse to pull off her bra. "Oh, my," the maid giggled as she got a view of Destiny's bare chest, moments before the blushing girl's hands moved upward yet again. This time, the maid grabbed one of them, pulling her, naked except for her panties, across the room, stumbling over the shorts still tangled around her feet every few steps.
     Destiny gulped as she saw the other maid waiting at their destination, then again as she realized it was the changing table where, just hours before, she'd seen Alice get diapered up before being sent off to her new life. It looked bigger, though she had no doubt that the Master had changing tables for every size girl imaginable in this god-forsaken house. A chill ran down her spine as she saw the diaper lying on the table, spread out, the thick padding waiting anxiously for her tender, still-pink bottom.
     "You can't do this to me!" Destiny told them firmly, trying to put her foot down, only to wind up being drug the last few feet, like a stubborn child.
     "Well, why not?" asked the maid guiding her. 
     "Don't you recognize her?" the other maid spoke up in a jeering tone. "It's Destiny Starr!"
     The first maid stopped in her tracks, kneeling down to look Destiny in the face. "From The Afterlife of Astrid Appleby? No!" Destiny could hear the sarcasm dripping from the woman's words, and that made her feel even smaller than she already did. "She always was a little cutie on that show," the maid said, pinching Destiny's cheeks.
     "She was," the other maid agreed. "But such a brat! I always thought she could use a good spanking and a diaper."
     "Well, that first part has been taken care of..." replied the maid. 
     Destiny let out a squeak as the other maid picked her up, shorts falling from her flailing legs as she was lifted onto the table, plopped down onto the diaper. It crinkled softly, the padding feeling soft, yet firm, against her wriggling backside. "Now, now," one of the maids cooed, pushing her onto her back. "Pay attention."
     "First," the other maid instructed, you have to get rid of the old diaper, of course." From the changing table, the maid brought out a pair of scissors, sliding the cool metal along Destiny's leg, slipping one blade beneath one side of the girl's panties.
     "No, don't," Destiny begged, chewing nervously on her bottom lip as she watched the scissors slowly close, slicing through the thin cloth like warm butter before the woman switched to the other side and repeated the process. As she put the scissors away, the other maid pulled the ruined panties out from under Destiny and threw them away.
     "You won't be needing those any more," the woman said ominously. Destiny didn't know if the maid meant just for now, or for good, and that ambiguity terrified her. If she failed this challenge, that may very well have been the last pair of real, grown-up underwear she ever wore. While she pondered that, the women continued their lesson.
     "You want to be sure to clean your baby up well, so they don't get a rash. If they're messy - and yours will be - it's best to use the diaper to scrape away some of the poo as you pull it down. Like this." Destiny's legs were forced apart as the diaper was yanked up between them and pushed firmly against her stomach for a moment before the maid pulled it out again, pushing it against Destiny's groin as she pulled it down. Destiny squirmed and blushed at the contact, while the other nurse got out a package of baby wipes. "If the baby hasn't made too big a mess, and the diaper is still clean enough, you can wipe again," the maid demonstrated helpfully.
     "That won't do all the work, though," the other maid said. "You'll want to use plenty of these to finish the job. You always want to wipe from front to back. Like this." And, of course, even though Destiny didn't need them, the woman was happy to show her exactly what she meant, rubbing several of the cool, wet cloths across the girl's crotch while Destiny fidgeted uncomfortably.
     "Once she's nice and clean, you can use some oil, or lotion, or both." Destiny was hardly surprised when they chose the final option, each taking one of the bottles and squirting it into their hands before beginning to massage it into her skin, leaving her feeling slick, as if they'd coated her entire derriere in the stuff. 
     "Then some powder," a maid commented, sprinkling out a healthy amount. "It leaves your baby smelling nice and fresh... At least until her next accident."
     "And once you're done with that, you just pull up the front snugly, and tape her in nice and tight, so she knows she doesn't have to worry about it falling off or leaking." Indeed, this time when the diaper was brought up between her legs, Destiny could feel the difference as it was tightly drawn against her thickly-slathered posterior, becoming a warm, inescapable embrace as the tapes were secured. She was diapered, just like Maggie and Brittany, just like a helpless little baby.
     "Do you think you have it?" one of the nurses asked after Destiny laid there in silent shock for a minute. "We can go over it again if you want."
     "N-No, that's okay," Destiny smiled weakly, not wanting to go through that again, certainly not so soon.
     "Good. Now... Let's get you dressed for your trip to the mall, shall we?"

Babes In Diapers


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    1. why couldn't you just reread the older stories? Granted the spaces between updates are long, but following the continuity of it all isn't difficult.

    2. Man, I have GOT to turn that comment moderation on...

    3. How generous of those nurses to "help" Destiny's unease over her size and to show how her to change a diaper. I salute them!

      Very much enjoyed the start of the new chapter and look forward to seeing how the scavenger hunt goes.

    4. Generous? That's hardly the word I'd use! Rude, mean, impertinent... Those all sound a little better. Maybe even perverted. They sure seemed to be having an awful lot of fun with it!

    5. They were just being thorough in making sure you knew what you'd have to do. Should be fun. :3

  2. I love the story so far. But if you don't mind my asking: When is the next part coming?

  3. @NettingTheBigOne

    Collusion, already? Tsk tsk tsk, don't Brittany and Lucy know that colluding is going to end with lying and cheating?

  4. i think that destiny needs to learn to use a pacifier to her advantage...the cuter she looks and the less she opens her mouth right now the better she will do in the show